Week 14 Defense Streaming

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This is a strange week for fantasy football. Some teams are in the last week of their season, some teams have byes and others are now in must win situations. All of this makes week 14 defense streaming tough because at this stage of the season you don’t want to get cute and try and be smart only for it to backfire because then you feel mighty stupid. At the bottom of this article I have picked two good defenses to bench but if you have ridden them this far the prospect of starting some meh defense with a good match-up over your studs will be a tough one. In these instances I always do what would make me less mad if I lose and in that case it is probably sticking with what I know rather than gambling on a hot hand.

Start this week

Buffalo Bills (Yahoo ownership: 23%) vs. Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo did a really good job last week against the Patriots offense and now they get an Indianapolis team who seem to have given up on the season. Jacoby Brissett will have decent moments but he also has 10 turnovers (7 INTS and 3 fumbles lost) on the season so there will plenty of opportunities for the Bills to put up points.

New York Jets (7%) @ Denver Broncos

The Broncos have lost eight straight games and have failed to score more than 20 points in seven of those. Trevor Siemian has thrown 13 interceptions on the season and the other two options to play aren’t much better. The Jets should be able to make plenty of big plays and not give up many points because the Broncos cannot get the ball to their best two players consistently.

Cincinnati Bengals (43%) vs. Chicago Bears

Cincinnati did such a good job for a period last Monday night shutting down Pittsburgh but eventually a good offense got rolling. This week their defense gets a match-up with a team who doesn’t have the same natural talent so they should be able to shut them down and limit the points scored. Turnovers are my only concern for this defense because Chicago play ball control offense until they are out of it and I am not sure the Bengals will get up big on this defense.

Green Bay Packers (48%) @ Cleveland Browns

I am scarred from watching the Buccaneers march up and down the field on the Packers last week. If Jameis Winston had been semi-sensible with the ball then that score could have been a lot more than 20 points. The Browns are pretty bad but they do have some good offensive weapons now that Josh Gordon is back. I would still start the Packers but I am little scared about them giving up a ton of points here.

Sit this week

Philadelphia Eagles (86%) @ Los Angeles Rams

This Philly defense is good but the Rams offense is able to put up points against most opponents. Philly has now had two weeks on the West coast and that will likely take its toll as this game drags on. I don’t think it will be a disaster for Philly so if you cannot bring yourself to bench them in the first week of your playoffs I completely get it.

Los Angeles Rams (83%) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This match-up could be high scoring and me saying this has destined it to be a low scoring defensive slug fest. The Rams have struggled against teams who run the ball well and the Eagles can that. The Eagles offense is also coming off a week where they are the reason their team lost and I think they want to put it right this week.

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