DraftKings NFL: Week 13 Declarations

Hope everyone is recovered from interacting with extended family last week because it’s on to week 13 DraftKings NFL where the menu stays robust including the return of America’s favorite sexual deviant and fresh celebrity sexual harassment allegations. Back in my week nine write-up I mentioned the #MeToo movement as America’s next great opportunity to gamble on something. Well Vegas… We’re waiting… This also might need it’s own IMDB site so we can have arguments over who’s allegations profile is the “strongest”, and when they really started to “challenge themselves” raising the bar with more complex attacks. Matt Lauer’s escapades are pretty wild including the use of a secret button to lock his office door. Since I haven’t ever sexually harassed anybody, I’m not sure what the proper response to the actions coming to light should be. What I am sure of is the “not entirely true/mischaracterized/thought it was consensual/exaggerated” response makes these guys look and sound even worse, if possible. So… only 12 of the 16 accusers are telling the truth? Oh, you only pulled your dick half out–not completely? You asked permission before masturbating in front of them? Why didn’t you say so!?

I completely understand Mr. Lauer. You're free to go now...

I completely understand Mr. Lauer. You’re free to go now…

Week 12 Recap

That’s exactly what we need–a reality TV show setup as a sting operation to catch any high powered male at their job sexually assaulting staff members. It could be called, To Catch A Rich White Asshole. You know you’d watch. Anyway, as I predicted via twitter last week, TB12 to Gronk for two scores worked out pretty nicely helping me cash in most my lineups last week, but nothing special in GPP winnings overall.

Projected Vikings Sneaky Stack

Case Keenum continued his recent stretch of high level play on Thanksgiving last week with three touchdowns and no turnovers leading Minnesota to their seventh consecutive win. Did I just said that? Case Keenum. Where did this guy come from? Is it possible this lasts? Que the 30 for 30 piano please. What if I told you… A journeyman quarterback in his late 20s with no success as a starter entered the year as second string insurance to a washed up overrated veteran, and ended up leading his team to the Super Bowl where they inevitably lost to the Patriots. Lady’s and gentlemen, I proudly present 2017’s version of Jake Delhomme’s 2003 Carolina Panthers! I love Case Delhomme and the Carolina Vikings to keep rolling in Atlanta Sunday afternoon in what Vegas projects to be one of the highest scoring match-ups for week 13. With the Falcon’s secondary missing their top corner, I’ll be throwing the all-the-sudden stud Adam Thielen, and Stefon Diggs into as many lineups as possible for some very enticing double up potential.

San Francisco rookie wideout Trent Taylor serves as my low percentage owned dart throw this week in Jimmy G’s 49ers debut. The 5th rounder out of Louisiana Tech that models as a slippery Wes Welker like slot receiver already had a modest role in the offense before suffering a rib injury in week nine. Now, back and healthy with a seemingly way more competent quarterback, slot receiver magician Kyle Shanahan is hoping the rookie can become his next Taylor Gabriel from last year. And, after a few drop backs watching other 49er pass catchers trying to separate from defenders, Trent in the slot should become a sight for Garoppolo’s beautiful brown sore eyes.

Position Player Salary
QB Case Keenum  $      6,000
RB Todd Gurley  $      8,200
RB Rex Burkhead  $      5,000
WR Mike Evans  $      7,100
WR Adam Thielen  $      7,500
WR Trent Taylor  $      3,000
TE Kyle Rudolph  $      4,500
FLEX Hunter Henry  $      4,700
DST Chargers  $      4,000

Projected Beast Mode Lineup

There are several solid high floor/reasonable upside value plays at the running back position in the $5,000 range that may render spending big at this position useless. With Michael Crabtree already suspended and Amari Cooper ruled out, the Raiders should rely heavily on Lynch in the running game against a Giants run defense that allows over four yards per rush on the season. Now that the Geno Smith era is underway, positive game-script also makes Beast Mode a mere lock for at least 20 touches when they are likely protecting a second half lead Sunday. My strategy to keep pimping out Keelan Cole is to be able to take credit when it finally works. If it never works, I’ll hold one Robby Blake Bortles personally responsible.

Position Player Salary
QB Case Keenum  $      6,000
RB Marshawn Lynch  $      4,800
RB Rex Burkhead/Duke Johnson Jr.  $      5,000/4,800
WR Keenan Allen  $      8,300
WR Mike Evans  $      7,100
WR Michael Thomas  $      6,900
TE Hunter Henry  $      4,700
FLEX Dede Westbrook/Keelan Cole  $      4,100/3,400
DST Raiders  $      3,100

Week 13 Picks

7-2 last week to make it six consecutive winning weeks, and 42-21-2 overall on the season! Through week six, this league was still sorting itself out with the dogs cleaning up for the books at an alarming rate. As one might expect, the pendulum has swung back aggressively over the middle part of the season where it’s become much clearer as to what outfits are for real.

Patriots -9: Is there any AFC team outside the Steelers that you wouldn’t take the Pats to win by two scores against at this point?

Chargers -14: Actually, the 5-6 Chargers might be the only other AFC team where I’d flinch. Vegas is now pulling no punches with them making L.A. huge favorites this week trying to scare the public off. 20 wouldn’t scare me away. Chargers score another defensive touchdown in an absolute blowout winner!!!

Vikings +3: If I just suggested they’re a possible Super Bowl team, I’m taking them getting three points against an average Falcons team.

Eagles -5.5: They’ve had numerous occasions to have a let down, or “win ugly” game. All they’ve done is get better and blow lesser teams out week after week. Seattle is decimated by injures all over, and was never playing at a high level when they weren’t. Right now, there’s about 7-8 good teams in this league. The Eagles are obviously one of them, and Seattle is not. I’ll keep leaning on the chalk in good match-ups until I have a reason not to. Eagles continue to roll by double digits over Seattle Sunday night.

Rams -7: The other L.A. team gained respect after last week’s impressive bounce back win over the Saints in a game they never trailed. I trusted them in my picks last week. And, after all the deep dives researching this week’s game at Arizona my powers of deduction determined the Rams will cover seven points because the Cardinals are shit. Rams. For. Days.

Good Luck in week 13! Don’t forget to comment, share, and follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock.

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