Snaps Per Minute Week 10 to 1 2017

By John Bush

Snaps Per Minute Week 10 to 1 2017    

Snaps Per Minute Week 10 to 1 2017 report covers players like running backs, wide receivers and tight ends in a team’s lineup.  A majority of snaps are going to what players and which ones are in line to produce statistically weekly in fantasy football. The Snaps per Minute of Possession report will help you: identify the early leaders for such production.

Identify the leaders for such production. 

Identify Weekly Change at the Team, Positional and Player Levels

The Snap Report can be a positive indicator because it’s easier for players to score more when given the opportunity.

Conversely, the weekly ‘Snap Report’ can identify when players fall out of favor or when game flow or player movement occurs due to injuries.

It’s useful to compare the weekly snap leaders to rushing attempt leaders and target leaders to get a feel for how a player is used for fantasy football purposes. See other reports


Team Level Snaps Per Minute

This is a data “Snapshot” of each teams activities and speed of play. The Avg Team Snaps/Minute give insight into the team’s speed. A highly involved player on a fast team is worth knowing!

SF. CLE, NE, MIN, HOU, ARI, BUF, TB, and LAC are the Fastest NFL teams through week 10. Again key players in those teams are being given more opportunity but the team could be fast as they are very good.

The slowest teams (CAR, NYJ, KC, NO, TEN, PHI, and CIN) certainly have key players but they must be more efficient to overcome the slow team pace.

Players from slower teams that are highly ranked may be worth more than thought. Dynasty players take note here!




Snaps Per Minute Changes Weeks 7 to 10 vs Weeks 3 to 6

OAK, BUF, WAS, CIN, PHI, JAX, MIA, and TEN are the TEAMs whose Team speed has increased in the last few week!




TEAM vs Positional Speed in Snaps per Minute For the Season

Use these tables to determine what teams are using their RB, TE, and WRs fasters (Snaps per Min). Faster could equal more chances to score!  I have included a nice visual view of this data to further burn into your thinking!




Running Backs

RB Highest Speed By Team





TEs Highest Speed




Wide Receivers

 WRs Highest Speed




Players Snaps per Minute Segmented by Position

The following are all the RBs, TEs, and WRs who recorded a snap in weeks 1 to 10. 

In the tables below, Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers position snap numbers are presented! 

Green coloring of the Snaps Per Minute numbers denotes the players at the top of the position of the weekly snap count while red coloring of the weekly snap numbers denotes the players at the bottom of the position snap count. 

I like to ease through the table to spot interesting information. I would modify opinions based on the data unless you should not! 🙂 


Running Backs



Tight Ends



 Wide Receivers



Player vs. Team Landscapes of Usages as measured by Snaps per Minute!

Color-coded view of each team’s positional players and their Snaps per Minute. Easily compare the Team’ RBs TEs, and or WRs. Spot the surprises.

Wavier Wire fodder and information for dropping and adding players.

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