Defense Against the Positions Playoffs

Defense Against the Positions Playoffs

The Defense Against the Positions Playoffs Report focuses on the DAPS vs Teams and Positions for the next 7 games in total and specifically into Weeks 14 to 16.

Using the DAPs Data I highlight the Good Average and Bad Matchups for these weeks.

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Green Annotation reveals the easy matchup and Red matchups are harder than average!

DAPS WEEKS 11 to 17

I highlight these next 4 figures DAP based matchups that were in the extreme! Green are those 1 standard deviation above the Position’s DAP and Red are those DAP matchups one STD DEV below the average.

Sometimes worrying about a -0.5 vs +0.5 DAP is not worth your time! Here are the extremes and thus would be those matchups with a greater chance for player performance change for the better or worse!



Running Backs

Defense Against the Positions Playoffs Slide02

Tight Ends

Defense Against the Positions Playoffs Slide03

Wide Receivers



Playoffs Weeks 14 to 16

I designed these figures as shorthand view of each team’s Weekly DAPS

See BUF vs TB as the extremes! Plan Now for the Playoffs! 




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