2016 Targets Part 3 – WR

By John Bush


If you are moving into the last drafts of the season, I suggest a review of 2016 target distribution by Position and Team. This article plus 3 articles will cover this area for you.

I published the RB Targets yesterday morning, TEs Targets yesterday afternoon, WR Targets this Morning and Team Targets this Afternoon. Note I also will have on Friday an article on the relationship of 2017 ADP and 2016 Targets! This material will set up your last minute drafts especially in PPR leagues! In summary, 5 articles in 2.5 days!

RBs Targets Article

2016 TE Target Article

2016 WR Targets by Week

The first 5 figures are a historical record of the 2016 WR target landscape by Target/game sorting. I color-coded the high targets (green), mid targets (yellow) and low/none (red/clear).

Focus Areas

  • Pattern of the Targets-
    1. Consistency 
    2. Time of Season Early vs. Mid vs. Late
  • Number of High Target Weeks vs. other weeks

I suggest you draw conclusions from these patterns. Add your conclusions to your drafting plans. Dig deeper into the 2017 changes that can be expected. What WRs are going to increase in targets or go down in targets? Add to your draft plans!

Figure 1 to 6. 2016 WRs Targets by Games Played and Targets Received 

2016 Targets Slide92016 Targets Slide102016 Targets Slide112016 Targets Slide122016 Targets Slide132016 Targets Slide14

WR Target 2016 Seasonal Landscapes

The data presented in Figures 6 to 10 can be used to get a view of each player’s 2016 season by targets. The player list is sorted by TGTs/G (Color Coded). Evans was the best overall WR with 10.7 T/G followed closely by ODB at 10.6 and AB at 10.3. In PPR leagues these WRs are at a premium.

Use the Seasonal Segmentation data to view the work levels of the WRs. Note that Evans was hot in Early and Mid Season with 10 and 11.8 but cooled down to 8.7 T/G. The Max Segment metric points quickly to the hot segment for the player in 2016. ODB was strongest Late at 11.8 average. Nice! Use the MAX segment metric wisely.

Use this data to focus on WRs draft targets especially in PPR. Some WRs that seemed to do well late in the 2016 season were T. Williams (LAC), B Lafell, T. Ginn, and R. Anderson. Some of these are later ADP players. Maybe bargains? I did not finish this list. I would  list all of your later WRs draft players you plan to focus on and annotate your cheat sheets with these numbers.

Figures 7 to 11 WR Total Targets, Targets Per Game, Early, Mid and Late Targets, Best Seasonal Segment by Targets

2016 Targets Slide242016 Targets Slide252016 Targets Slide262016 Targets Slide272016 Targets Slide28

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