2016 Targets Part 4 -Team Analysis

By John Bush


If you are moving into the last drafts of the season, I suggest a review of 2016 target distribution by Position and Team. This article plus 3 articles will cover this area for you.

I published the RB Targets yesterday morning, TEs Targets yesterday afternoon, WR Targets this Morning and Team Targets now in the Afternoon. Note I also will have on Friday an article on the relationship of 2017 ADP and 2016 Targets! This material will set up your last minute drafts especially in PPR leagues! In summary, 5 articles in 2.5 days!

RBs Targets Article

2016 TE Target Article

2016 WR Targets Article

2016 Targets by Week Segments and Position by Team

The 32 figures are a historical record of the 2016 TEAM target landscape by target/game sorting in each position. I color-coded the high targets (green), mid targets (yellow) and low/none (red/clear).

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Focus Areas

  • Pattern of the Targets-
    1. Consistency 
    2. Time of Season Early vs. Mid vs. Late
  • Number of High Target Week Segments
  • Team Usages (One Main Player or Multiple Players Targeted)
  • Predict who moves up with injury on the Team!

I suggest you draw conclusions from these patterns. Add your conclusions to your drafting plans. Dig deeper into the 2017 changes that can be expected. What players are going to increase in targets or go down in targets within the Team? Add to your draft plans!

My View of ARI for example

  1. DJ is the main RB no need to draft others
  2. The TEs are weak as a group (11 T/G was the TE highs vs 5.7 in ARI TEs – Weak)
  3. In the WR Fitz is the lead WR but behind him are a tight bunch. Hard to predict who assumes the WR1 if Fitz is hurt? J Brown had a slight MAX of 7.5 T/G early last year!

Figure 1 to 32. 2016 TEAM Targets by Position, Total Targets, Targets/Game, Seasonal Segmental T/G and Max T/G.

2016 Targets Slide12016 Targets Slide22016 Targets Slide3vSlide42016 Targets Slide52016 Targets Slide62016 Targets Slide72016 Targets Slide82016 Targets Slide92016 Targets Slide102016 Targets Slide112016 Targets Slide122016 Targets Slide13Slide14Slide15Slide16Slide17Slide18Slide19Slide20Slide21Slide22Slide23Slide24Slide25Slide26Slide27Slide28Slide29Slide30Slide31Slide32


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