MLB DFS: 5/11 Pat’s Stacks

Pat’s Stacks

By: Patrick Alfante


Generally in MLB DFS GPP’s we want to target and stack the teams we believe are going to have high run totals to score the highest overall points. Here I’ll be listing the team stacks and splits I believe will provide the highest upside to get you the necessary ~20+ points per player to have a shot at a GPP.




What should be the chalkiest stack of the day is very much well deserved. The Reds have been on fire as of late and for some reason no one wants to play them still, but it’s okay I like money, so I will. They go up against Tyler Blach tonight who is averaging less than 4 K/9 and has an xFIP over 5 to both righties and lefties. In DFS we try to let go of the past and have an unbiased plan going forward, but it’s really hard to ignore the 8ER Blach allowed to CIN just 5 days ago. So stack em up, CIN 1-5 and I wouldn’t even mind a CIN Catcher if you need to save to be able to afford the higher priced pitchers.



Brian Blanco - Getty Images

Brian Blanco – Getty Images


Let’s take it right over to the other side of the field with the Giants stacking against Bronson Arroyo here. According the metrics the Giants have not been hitting well this season, but catcher Buster Posey is starting to get things going for San Francisco and now being at home with a VERY VERY favorable 10-15mph wind blowing outward should be enough of a natural boost to get these bats going. Arroyo is giving up 2.7 and 1.3 HR/9 to righties and lefties respectively, combined with (for all those BvP believers) Brandon Belt is 6 for 14 with 2 dongs under his belt vs Arroyo — and let’s not forget, THE WIND!!!! The Giants have sucked immensely this season but stack them today at sub 10% and take down that GPP.



Evan Habeeb - USA TODAY Sports

Evan Habeeb – USA TODAY Sports

These Orioles bats have been on fire lately when given the chances to hit someone not named Stephen Strasburg. We know AJ Cole is no Stephen Strasburg. With the wind in Washington I’d prefer to target the righties especially with Cole having a 49% flyball rate with 13% HR/FB ratio. Fortunately for you; Machado, Trumbo, Jones all fit that description and that’s all you’ll need.


Honorable Mention:

Dodgers/Rockies (WILL be super high owned as always)


DET Lefties

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