Dynasty101 Rookie 2017 Tiers

Dynasty101 Rookie 2017 Tiers

It’s that time of the year again, the NFL Draft is around the corner. All of us dynasty owners, draftniks, fans, whoever you are! rejoice! As usual, my first step in creating my big board is to start off with a tier system. Needless to say this board will change after the NFL 2017 draft takes place between April 27th – 29th. So, I’ll talk a little about my process. The tiering is done through combining various sources together. Unlike most, I do not claim to be unbiased, nor unaffected by the opinions of media/analysts/combine/film etc. It’ll be quite the hubris to claim such approach (not to mention flat out impossible to block out noise), and, quite frankly, a waste of energy trying to do all of this by yourself.

No. What I present to you is how one make sense and consume the resources that are out there to the benefit of your draft preparation. I use Matt Waldman’s RSP, Matt Harmon’s RP, Matt Miller’s B/R write ups (I know an awful lot of Matt’s), our very own FakePigskin articles, various podcasts both of the fantasy and reality variety, opinions of friends in dynasty leagues, draftbreakdown.com, youtube.com, ESPN.com, Twitter.com, xvid…(nope! wrong site; and if you know what I was about to write out, shame on you!)  So below, you will see how I pulled together all the different sources and create my own tier board.


Yes, I know you agree with some, and others you vehemently disagree  (and secretly question the credibility of the author). The purpose of this board is not to say that this is the correct way or the right way to do this draft thing. But this is the way that makes the most sense for me to evaluate each rookie class, and because I HATE RANKINGS.

First, I sort the players according to what I believe their ceiling will become. Some players were harder to sort for me, such as Curtis Samuel, Juju Smith-Schuster, James Conner. In doing so, I can make a quick judgement about how to view the 2017 draft picks, and tailor them according to the league format. No question, draft day/training camp/injuries, will move players up and down. And my most conservative estimation is that this board doesn’t hold after 2 years; at least for the top end talents.

Second, the players are sorted in alpha order. In doing so, my brain wouldn’t automatically make a snap judgement about how to value players. Had i sorted them by positions, the human brain has a tendency to subconsciously place value according to top to bottom order. For players with great difference in talent, you can easily dismiss the order (e.g. Corey Davis – Kenny Golladay). However, if player’s were close in talent at the onset, and I place them next to each other, there is a subtle and subconscious add value to the player that is at the top or from the left  (that darn psychology).

Lastly, I know I’m missing some players. After I made the board into a picture, I noticed I left out several names. Most likely I would’ve placed these missing names the “Outside 35” or “Waiver” column. Except for Zay Jones who should’ve been slotted in the top 20-25 column.

Feel free to adopt this board and modify it according to how you process information best.

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