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Fantasy football league drafts are coming with the NFL draft in April and for dynasty owners trading and posturing are in full swing. Whether you are in IDP, Superflex or a combination, there are always multiple owner types. Knowing these types and how to interact with them is the key to trades and draft predictions.

Redraft master

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You have probably all seen him and if you haven’t it just might be you. This is the guy that buys that fantasy football magazine on the way to the draft and refers back to it frequently when it is his turn. Yes, that magazine that is printed around May before any training camp battles are decided, injuries creep up or before any preseason games are played. He most likely won’t be versed on how secure a player’s job is or the under the radar waiver wire targets. This owner may watch games on Sunday but rarely pays much attention past the box score and probably doesn’t watch any other games other than the game showing on Fox or CBS.

Interactions: Would approach this owner with redraft in mind. Trying to make trades involving in season risers is next to impossible. The value of a Tyrell Williams or Rob Kelley would have been next to nothing last year due to lack of knowledge. Playing on days of glory past can also work with name guys like Peterson or Charles. Assume they are not up to date on the latest info and craft your trade offers accordingly. With regards to rookie drafts, knowing how mainstream media ranks players is key as key late round fliers with upside will be virtually unknown. Often times, this owner will draft for need instead of best player available and this goes back to the redraft mindset. Planting those seeds of holes in their roster may have the potential of swaying them down a beneficial path for you.

Fountain of Youth

To spot this owner, just look at the roster makeup. Unless it is a full rebuild, this roster would be chock full of players on their first contracts. Almost all of the roster skill positions will be under the age of 27 with the quarterback as the only exception. This owner buys into the theory that running backs and receivers are worthless after 26 and fall right off a cliff. Rookie draft picks will be held onto with an iron grip and rookie value is at an all time high.

Interactions: Would approach this owner with rebuild in mind. Trying to acquire early career players will be extremely difficult while veterans can be had for a song. Using your own rookies and 2nd year players will prove beneficial in possible trades to acquire players like a Frank Gore, Eric Decker or Matt Forte. Being able to unload a depreciating asset (in the other owner’s eyes), is considered attractive and definitely an angle to exploit. Savvy owners will also use draft picks as liquid currency to acquire those older assets at the draft. Being able to acquire players for what is essentially lottery tickets is a great business strategy.

Mr. Know-it-all

This owner has a tendency to analyze everything from trades to draft position. Will use trade calculators as gospel and can recite stats on demand. Will probably have one of the better rosters with top players at each position up and down the roster but will lack upside players as they don’t necessarily fit the beliefs. Rookie draft position and the adjoining owners will be looked at repeatedly leading up to the draft. This owner will possibly have the rookie draft mocked out for the whole league in regards to how they would draft if they were in the other owner’s shoes.

Interactions: Would approach this owner with stats in hand. Be prepared to recite stats, current and past, during negotiations. With respect to trade offers, being knowledgeable of strength of schedule, defenses and prior performances is key to sell high or buy low. Focus on the bad stats on someone you want to buy low on and really play up the stats on the ones you want to unload. Come draft time, expect this owner to have ranked the majority, if not all, the draft prospects. He will probably have a draft plan in hand and rarely deviate from it. Knowing their player values will allow you to make educated guesses in who they will draft and take advantage of that. This will work well if you know they value a certain player at a their next draft slot and you are in front of them in the order. Planting that seed of possibly taking “their guy” make cause just enough panic to sell them into a trade which is all profit for you. Best defense is a good offense so prepare to be unpredictable and zig when he thinks you will zag.

Bargain Hunter

Realistically, there is a bit of this owner in all of us but he takes it to a whole other level. Always looking for a cheap deal is the mantra for this guy. Usually always low balls on offers and will bad mouth your player while making his sound like the next Adrian Peterson. Negotiations are usually long and drawn out with multiple offers being sent back and forth. Roster is most likely middle of the road as players were acquired cheaply and may or may not have worked out. Drafting for the bargain hunter can be a wild card.

Interactions: Would approach this owner knowing negotiations are his forte. Probably best to ask for more than usual so when approached and talked down by him, you end up where you really wanted. When trading for someone on his roster, know how much you are willing to pay (even if it is a bit of an overpay) and start much lower than that. If it reaches your predetermined maximum price, be willing to walk away.


This guy sticks out like a sore thumb. Probably named his team after his favorite pro or college team and covets players from that team or school regardless whether they are good or not. Those players are virtually cemented to his roster and can be considered off-limits. Drafting presents very interesting scenarios and can be beneficial to your team if done right. Knowing the colleges for the players in the draft is paramount if he is college homer. Knowing the pro teams that each player went to is also key if that is important.

Interactions: Would approach this owner playing on his allegiances. If you happen to own players from a certain school/college conference/pro team, he would be the number one owner to shop that player to. Put added value in trade negotiations for your player as you should be able to garner more in return that in normal deals. Don’t bother trying to trade for those “special” players on his roster as it will be futile. Draft time will be similar to Mr. Know-it-all and can be exploited the same way in regards to taking one of “his” guys. Give a bump in ADP rank for those players on his draft board as it probably won’t be far off.

Many deals can be hammered out if the approach is right. Knowing their tendencies and strengths will help navigate the fun world of drafting and trading. Get to know the other owners better than they know themselves.


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