Super-Easy Enchiritos (En-cheater-os?).

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipes: Super-Easy Enchiritos (En-cheater-os?).

Feeds 4 comfortably.  Time from start to finish 1hr and 15 mins.


This is a hearty meal for up to four people, and maybe more if you can con your friends into filling up on beer or chips and cheese dip or guacamole ahead of time.  Enchiritos are burritos who had a romantic night with enchiladas.  I do understand that if your guests are New England fans, they will be too busy clutching their signed Tom Brady football and won’t notice if you just unwrap a bunch of Taco Bell and serve it on a plate. Otherwise, you might need to cook.  This recipe will require a covered pot, a covered saucepan, a baking sheet, a strainer, a measuring cup for the water, a can opener and a spatula to stir everything.    

Note that this incorporates items found in most stores.  The Zatarain’s rice can be replaced with Rice-a-Roni Spanish Rice, however the taste is not as “zing-y” and that part of the prep differs slightly in that you cook the rice and butter separately for a bit before adding the other ingredients.   



image1 (1)

1 pound of ground beef

19-oz can of Old El Paso Red Enchilada Sauce.

14.5-oz can of Petite Diced Tomatoes.

Lots of shredded cheese – preferably a “Mexican mix” from Kraft or Borden.  Don’t use generic.  Trust me, I’m an expert.

(8) Mission brand soft taco-sized tortillas

A box of Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Spanish Rice (6.9-oz)

A healthy spoonful of butter or margarine (the Zatarains recipe calls for only a tablespoon, but I’m generous with it.

1.5 cups of water.



1. Go wash your hands, you filthy fool. This isn’t the middle ages, you know.

2. Open a beer and take your first drink of it. You’ll need it.

3. Brown the ground beef in a large pot over medium heat. Be sure to brown fully, removing any pink spots.


4. Strain and rinse the meat. Return it to the pot with no heat turned on, cover and let sit until rice mix is done.

5. If you decided here that you needed a fresh tomato instead of getting it from a can and decided to slice it up yourself, take this moment to staunch the bleeding and determine if stitches are necessary. No, your sock is not sanitary and will not close the wound, no matter how tightly you tie it around your thumb.

6. Put rice mix, butter, diced tomatoes and water into saucepan and heat to boiling, stirring occasionally.


7. Drink more of that beer you opened.

8. Reduce temperature to lowest setting and let simmer for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through.

9. Pour directly into the pot of beef, add one fourth of the can of Enchilada sauce and stir till well blended.


10. Turn on oven to 350 degrees to let it warm up while preparing the enchiritos.

11. Send Reagan Yant a tweet (@FakePigskin) and tell him how awesome his website and Don are. Bonus points if you include something about Tom Brady and “walker” or “cane.”

12. Put about a child’s handful of the rice-beef mix into each tortilla and roll it over. Do this for all eight tortillas.


13. Cover liberally with cheese.

14. Pour the remainder of the enchilada sauce over the enchiritos.

15. Add more cheese.

16. Look upon the cheesy goodness and see that it is good.


17. Place into preheated oven for 15 minutes.

18. Go to and order a copy of “The Ballad of the Sad Café” by Carson McCullers. It’s a dreary, mournful tale and will feel about right if you live in New England the Monday after the Super Bowl.

19. Clean up the kitchen while apologizing to your roommate or significant other for the disaster you made.

20. Take the enchiritos out of the oven and serve immediately.


Recommended: garnish with guacamole and chips, and of course beer.  Most grocery stores sell pre-blended and ready to eat guacamole in their produce department.




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