NFL 2016: 7 Reasons Your Fantasy Football Team Sucked *PS Two Aren’t Your Fault

Broncos C.J. Anderson

The 2016 fantasy football season is all but over.  And I am not going to lie, it sucked.  Like really sucked (am I the only one here?).  And you know there are solid reasons why this season tanked.

Here are seven reasons your season sucked.  And what you are going to do to not let it happen again:

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7. Star mucker

Okay, you know what I mean.  This is where you get all glassy eyed about a big name prospect on the fantasy football draft board, or waiver wire and you cannot resist.  This strategy only works when that star is trending upwards.  Unfortunately, big names are on the waiver wire and still sitting on the draft board for a very good reason.

Next season forget about this season, so how did last year’s MVP do for you this year?  Exactly.

6. Talent/Shmalent

Talent isn’t always in the skilled position and sometimes we forget that.  Looking past a good or bad offensive line can either propel you to victory or leave you with a fantasy football team that just plain sucks.

And you thought Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot were doing it all by themselves?

5. Homerism

I know that being a fan is short for fanatics.   But that doesn’t mean dooming your fantasy football team so you can cheer for the home team each and every week (unless of course you are just in this for the fun).

4. Waiver Wire Discontent

Shit happens.  That is why the waiver wire is there, to keep you on top of the shit pile.  When you don’t effectively utilize the waiver wire you are doomed to be on the bottom of that pile.  YUCK!

3. One (Wo)Man Man or Woman

This is when you stick with only one “expert” to guide you through your fantasy football season.  Hell yes, I want you to tune into only ME.  But come on the more the merrier.  Utilize all the advice that is out there (and there is a lot).  Research and then research some more before making your decision.  And then of course come back to me, because I am really going to do the massive amount of research for you.

2. Breakout Performances *

This goes under the heading of not your fault.

There is no way to positively pick out who is going to be the breakout performer in a particular season.  I mean come on, Joey Bosa first looked like an ill fit when drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the first round.  Then he held out.  And then he balled out.  You predicted that?  And what about Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi?  First he was supplanted by Arian Foster.  Then he was benched for an attitude adjustment.  And then he ran for 200 yards in consecutive weeks.  You drafted him, right?  And don’t get me started on Kansas City Chiefs mister everything, Tyreek Hill.

1. Injuries/Suspensions*

Holy Adrian Peterson, Tyler Eifert, Tony Romo, C.J. Anderson, Theo Riddick, Randall Cobb, J.J. Watt, Jamaal Charles, and Teddy Bridgewater just to name a few.

Yep again, this is something that cannot be your fault and cannot be predicted.  Sure some of the aforementioned are delicate flowers, yes, we are looking at you Romo, but still.  The ripple effect of injuries cannot be understated.  Remember how Ajayi’s performance ebbed and flowed with the health of the offensive line?

And suspensions for “violations of NFL substance abuse policy” just seem to be growing.  Just an aside, I am not saying this because I reside in Denver Colorado, but just legalize it for NFL players already.  You know of what I speak!


What does all this boil down to?  Research.  Fantasy football is all about getting the research done and sorting out the good from the bad.  That’s why we are here.  Stick with me and FakePigSkin during the off-season.  We got your back.  No one wants to suck, at least not in fantasy football.

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