2QB Dynasty: Walking Wounded

Brock Osweiler

2QB Dynasty: Walking Wounded.

Starting a quarterback each week in 12-team 2QB dynasty is hard, am I right?

We’re in week 6 and the field is already littered with walking wounded.  The first shots across the bow were Robert Griffin III, Teddy Bridgewater and Tony Romo.  Total touchdowns scored by these three for the year is a big ZERO.  If you drafted all three (which would sound like a good base QB combination) you probably are looking forward to the first overall draft pick next year.

But you can always rely on guys like Jay Cutler and Cam Newton, right?  Sit down, homie.  You had to find someone to fill in for these guys due to injury.  If you picked up Colin Kaepernick at some point, you might feel pretty good right now but there’s no guarantee he will succeed.  I think he will succeed long term, for what that’s worth.  We can only hope he and Chip Kelly see eye to eye.  Being in Chip’s doghouse is a surefire way to find your backside on a cold bench.

Trevor Siemian went from seventh-round draft pick, to starter, to being out due to injury in week 5 (possibly losing his job if first round draft pick Paxton Lynch had a good game) to back in the lineup week 6.  The Broncos lost to the Chargers in week 6 after an unimpressive return so there is a question in many minds if he is the future.

The lesson to learn from all this is that in 2 quarterback dynasty leagues, you need more than two quarterbacks.  Actually, I would recommend six.  Bear with me here while we hash out the math.

You need your two main starters.  Let’s say this is Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger.  Two guys who aren’t going to lose the starting job when they’re healthy.  No brainer.

You need a third QB to fill in for bye weeks and injury insurance, right?  This is an Alex Smith, Brock Osweiler, Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota type of QB who probably isn’t going to win the league for you, but he’ll be the starter on his team barring a really unusual circumstance.

If even one of these three get injured, you will be starting a ghost in bye weeks.  So you need a fourth quarterback as injury insurance, or if you picked up someone like Mark Sanchez or Blaine Gabbert and he gets benched you will need to replace him.  This is the “warm body” sort of QB who you can trade for or draft late.

Then you need to look at the future of your team and realize that you need to start two quarterbacks every game week of the year – every year for the duration of your dynasty league.  Future assets like Mike Glennon, RGIII, Ryan Nassib or Dak Prescott (who will presumably start again someday even after Romo returns) are good bench stashes.  It doesn’t matter so much that they’re hurt or second string QBs right now.  A quality quarterback like Sam Bradford will keep getting opportunities to start, regardless of injury or position on the team.  When he finally takes over a starting role, he probably won’t lose it and quarterbacks have long careers.  You should have two shots at future starting quarterbacks on your team as there’s no perfect guarantee that any of these will hit that mark as a starter.

My most recent trade target is 26-year old Robert Griffin III.  He signed a two-year contract in 2016 and will be the unquestioned starter when he recovers from a broken bone in his NON-THROWING shoulder.  To me this says he will be pretty darned healthy when he returns and will have had more time to adapt to his new team during a game season.  If anyone sees him sitting around without a contract for the duration of his younger years, they are misleading themselves.  Starters aren’t that common.  I can’t wait to see what RGIII will do for the next decade of his career.

Top starting quarterbacks that can win more than 50% of their games in the NFL are rare.  The ones that we can think of off the top of our heads are usually in their thirties already.  Things move fast.  Next week Tom Brady might injure his shoulder or Jameis Winston might pull a hamstring.  You need to be ready for the next seismic shift, because you need to win every week every year.  75% of teams in your league are probably feeling the pinch of not having enough of a rare position to fill their starting roster each week.  Be sure you’re not one of them.

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