NFL Eliminator Challenge: Week 6

Welcome to the sixth week of our NFL Eliminator Challenge series! Last week we went 2-1, hitting our pick of the week as the Steelers took care of the Jets in Pittsburgh.  We additionally saw another dominant performance by the Vikings as they handled the Texans by a score of 31-13.  I also finally came to the sad realization that the Dolphins are possibly the worst team in the NFL and will no longer be considered a team to pick.  That being said our streak is up to five and it’s time to go for six!  Read on and feel free to comment at the end.

Step 1 – Avoid Division Matchups

The 1-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers traveled to the defending NFC champion’s home on Monday night where their highly drafted rookie kicker went three of five in field goals. The end result?  He hit a game winner to send the Panthers to a 1-4 record.  Division games, am I right?  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, do yourself a favor and avoid the below division matchups:

  • Broncos at Chargers
  • Colts at Texans
  • Eagles at Redskins
  • Panthers at Saints
  • Chiefs at Raiders

Step 2 – Avoid Marquee Matchups

None of the prime time games were blowouts last week, and while the Cardinals and Packers certainly didn’t shock anyone with their victories, the Buccaneers sure did. Unless you want to take a chance I would avoid the below marquee games:

  • Broncos at Chargers
  • Colts at Texans
  • Jets at Cardinals

Step 3 – Avoid Picking Against Home Field Advantage

If you want a good picture of home field advantage, take a look at what the Detroit Lions did to the previously undefeated Eagles. If you need more proof, head down south and see what the Cowboys did to the high-flying Bengals offense.  Some teams just don’t travel well and others play with fire when the home crowd is behind them.  Whatever the reason, these games can surprise you.  Be aware and avoid the below games where the favorite is the away team:

  • Steelers at Dolphins
  • Broncos at Chargers
  • Eagles at Redskins

Step 4 – Make your pick!

My pick of the week is:

  • Bills over 49ers

What have I told you about west coast teams traveling East? It normally does not end well for them.  Add in that you may have Colin Kaepernick making his debut against a very aggressive Bills defense and it could spell blowout for the Bills.

Other options I like this week:

  • Patriots over Bengals

Tom Brady just started his tour of beating every team in the league by as many points as possible. If the Bengals can’t beat a Dallas team with a rookie quarterback, they don’t stand a chance in Brady’s first game of the season playing at home.

  • Packers over Cowboys

This is a little more gut than anything else, but I think the Packers are going to play well and I don’t expect Aaron Rodgers to have two bad games in a row. Expect high scoring through the air and I’m not sure Dallas will be able to keep up without Dez.

Thanks for reading!

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