IDP All-22 Review: Lavonte David

I am back with another IDP All-22 review. After a pretty good Week 2, there was an anomaly. Kinda like Neo in “The Matrix” or a disturbance in the Force. Something wasn’t right. I was looking through scoring and I noticed a name that was missing from the top fantasy IDPs: Lavonte David. Not only was he not one of the highest scoring defenders, he didn’t score at all. Goose-egg.

This week, I review Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Arizona Cardinals. What caused an elite LB to not register a single fantasy point in 66 defensive snaps?


In this run play to David Johnson, David’s playing on strongside and gets double-teamed by the guard and tackle. He has no chance to make play. This seemed to be a theme throughout the game.


David, in this run play, ran into the defensive linemen, but still, there’s a focus to keep him out of the play with two offensive linemen.



In this play, he’s taken out from below. The play happens and the guard heads toward David and takes him out from the legs. It’s hard to make any plays when you’re off your feet.



David Fells picks David up on the handoff to Johnson. He might’ve gotten away with a hold on the play, but he takes him off his feet away from the ball carrier.



In the redzone, David lined up on the weak-side and had an unabated lane to the QB. Carson Palmer’s back is to him, but as soon as he turns and sees him, he gets the pass off. David barely missed a sack on the play.



Here’s another instance where David just misses a sack. David on the weak-side, free lane to Palmer, he just gets the ball off.




David saw, throughout the entire game, multiple double-teams, and this led to other defenders making tackles. David also lined up on the strong-side and faced the tight end in blocking, and in those instances, he was taken off his feet or the play just went away from him.

He was also a second away from having two sacks on two separate occasions, but Palmer was quick to release the ball.

Lavonte David is an elite IDP and has earned the benefit of the doubt for this performance. It’s the first zero in his boxscore, and only the 3rd time where he’s produced fewer than 10 fantasy points in a game. I like his matchup this week against the Rams, a team that’s allowing nearly 14 solo tackles per game to the LB position, and KJ Wright just notched seven solos last week. It’s also a great buy-low opportunity if his owner is still seething from the goose-egg.

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