NFL 2016 Hello My Name Is Ben McAdoo And I Have 3 Letters For Your Fantasy Football Team…OBJ

The New York Giants and head coach Tom Coughlin parted ways after 12 years.  The official stance was that it was time for a change.  So the Giants promoted offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to head coach.  McAdoo then “hired” 13 coaches that were on the Giants staff last season.  Change?


2006-2011  Green Bay Packers tight ends coach

2012-2013  Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach

2014-2015  New York Giants offensive coordinator

2016-             New York Giants head coach

Why This Change-Non-Change Is Good For Your Fantasy Football Team

Last season was a season of misses for the Giants.  They were in games and then the fourth quarter happened.  The quality of the season was capitalized in the game against the Carolina Panthers.  It culminated in Josh Norman v Odell Beckham Jr.  In case you haven’t heard, the Giants lost, Beckham Jr. lost and confidence in Coughlin was  lost.  It was a clear example of a  season lost in prime time.

But there is reason for optimism for your fantasy team.  While Coughlin is done in New York.  Keeping McAdoo is good for both the Giants and your fantasy team.

In his first season with quarterback Eli Manning, there was improvement in Manning’s performance.  The year before McAdoo’s arrival, Manning passed for 27 interceptions.  In his first season with Manning the interceptions fell to 14.  In his second season with Manning, McAdoo had Manning also tossed 14 interceptions but he had 35 touchdowns.  He also improved in his yards per game and his passer rating.

But the better news?  Again in 2013 the Giants’ offense finished 28th in points scored, 29th in passing and 30th in rushing.  Enter McAdoo.  McAdoo’s first season with the Giants saw the offense improve  to 13th in points, 12th in passing and 23rd in rushing.  This was also the first season with then rookie wide receiver Beckham Jr.  And that ended with Beckham Jr. winning Rookie of the Year even though he missed the first four games of the season.

Last season Beckham Jr. also experienced an increase in his stats.  Yes, he played more games.  But teams also had film on him and should have known how to slow him down.  Instead Beckham Jr. was on the receiving end of 96 receptions for 1450 yards.  He collected 13 touchdowns while averaging 15.1 yards per catch.  All are an increase from 2014.  And all are stats when everyone knew where the ball was heading.

Nevertheless, the Giants finished the season 6-10, good enough for third in the poor NFC East.

So what do you expect?

McAdoo has stated that the systems are staying the same.  He hasn’t stated whether he will call the plays on the offensive side of the ball…but one can hope.  There is the fact that the Giants promoted their offensive coordinator to head coach.  There is the fact that he got the seal of approval from his quarterback Manning.  And there is the fact that most of the newly hired head coaches, Mularkey excepted, are offensive coordinators who will be calling their offensive plays.

In the past two seasons with McAdoo calling plays the offenses have ranked 10th and eighth.  With McAdoo under the helm Manning has improved his passing percentage, increasing his passing touchdowns while not increasing the amount of interceptions.  In fact, in Manning’s second year in McAdoo’s system he increased his passing touchdowns by 5.  His 35 touchdowns in the highest number of passing touchdowns in his career.  His 93.6 passer rating was also the highest in his career.  And all this was accomplished with a barely functioning running game and one elite wide receiver on the field.

Now there is the possibility that change-no-change flow may include wide receiver Victor Cruz.  With Cruz and Beckham on the field, and Manning trajectory going upward in McAdoo’s system, aren’t you okay with the non-change?

Your fantasy team isn’t looking for the Giants for run game.  After all, all it gave you last season was three touchdowns by their leading rusher Rashad Jennings.  That simply is not enough.  Neither was the 863 yards on 195 attempts from Mr. Jennings.  We need more.

So all you should care about is the passing attack, and maybe just maybe the defense?  It’s okay you are in good hands.  We got this.

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Next up Doug Pederson.




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