Fantasy Football: Mario Williams, leaving Buffalo?

With two years left on his deal, it’s fair to wonder if Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams will even be a Buffalo Bill this coming season. His remaining contract expires after the 2017 season, and this year and next, he’s scheduled to make $16 million per(on average). His cap hit for 2016 is $19.9 million($7 million in dead money) and in 2017 it’s $16.5 million($1.6 million in dead money). Releasing him would free up $12.9 million in cap space. 
So, for the sake of fun and conversation, let’s take a look at possible trade/free agency locations should the Bills move Williams.
Mario Williams

Mario Williams

1. Houston Texans: This would be ideal, right? Line him up opposite of defensive end JJ Watt and you have THE most formidable defensive end pairing in football. Who do you block? If you focus on Watt, Williams is free. If you block Williams, Watt is free. It’s a quarterback’s nightmare. Plus, the Texans still have Jadeveon Clowney, whom they HAVE to be hoping develops as an outside linebacker with pass rushing as a specialty. The question is: would Houston use Williams as an outside linebacker or defensive end?
2. Detroit Lions: This is my team, and this won’t happen, but if you would pair him with Ziggy Ansah, I think the NFC North becomes Detroit’s playground. Adding Williams to Ansah helps Detroit’s secondary as well, because quarterbacks will have to unload quicker due to a scary pass rush, meaning defensive backs won’t have to cover longer than a few seconds.
3. Chicago Bears: The Bears need all sorts of help on defense, and Williams becomes an immediate upgrade over any of their down linemen, and possibly their outside linebackers. Should Chicago sign Williams, they’d be foolish to sit him.
4. New York Giants: The Giants would be fun with Williams on the team. If they sign him, he could potentially pair up with Jason Pierre-Paul(should he re-sign with the G-men), and that would be a nightmare for Tony Romo, Kirk Cousins, and whomever Philadelphia’s quarterback will be.
5. Atlanta Falcons: Simply put, their defense stinks. Aside from rookie Vic Beasley, their defense was not impressive at all, generating a paltry 19 sacks. That is embarrassing. Williams automatically steps in as a starter and immediate upgrade over Kroy Biermann, Adrian Clayborn, Malliciah Goodman, and Tyson Jackson. Williams adds significant help to Beasley, whom I feel will be a stud.
6. Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack is the only guy generating a pass rush, so Williams would be a huge boost to this struggling unit, and in the AFC West, he could thrive. San Diego, Denver, and Kansas City don’t have the best offensive lines in the world, and a Mack/Williams duo could feast.
This is just a fun thing to look at from a fan perspective. These destinations are potential landing spots based on need(and in Detroit’s case, fun) in my opinion. 
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