Missed Your Dynasty League Playoffs? Stay Active!

Did your dynasty season end in a heartbreaking fashion? Are you ready to hang it up until draft time? I’m here to tell you that even if you missed the playoffs, and you won’t be playing for anything until week 1 of 2016, don’t throw in the proverbial towel. You need to continue to do what is best for your team and stay active. Simple things like sending out trades (if you don’t have a trade deadline), watching the waiver wire, looking to guys on the IR or that are suspended, and anything in between can have lasting effects on your team(s). It will help you win in the future, I promise.

No Trade Deadline?

This should go without saying, but if you missed the playoffs and your league doesn’t have a trade deadline, you should be very actively trying to sell your older players, or those that are filling in for top options that may be injured. Your older “high end” guys can and will be the reason teams win championships. Contenders should be willing to pay a pretty penny for anything that is going to get them one step closer to a title. This means your Tom Brady, DeAngelo Williams, and Brandon Marshall should all fetch a nice return if you find the right buyer. This doesn’t mean sell everything just to get something in return, because you’re still thinking about the future and you don’t want to sell yourself short. Get out there and chat with owners, because I guarantee you that they’re looking to make their team stronger for the title run.

Get Rid of Your Rental Players

If you have cheap/useless players taking up roster spots that were there only as depth or bye week fill ins, get them off of your roster. Players like Chris Johnson, Mike Wallace, and Reggie Bush are all guys that are virtually valueless at this point. If you can trade them for anything, great! But they likely aren’t worth keeping unless you have deep rosters. Any low end “older” or ineffective players can be dropped if there is a better and/or younger option available.

The Waiver Wire/Free Agency

Do you have a nice WW priority, or some free agent dollars to use? Take advantage of them! Spend what you can, or use your high priority to add something, anything, of value. You should be looking to add youth, and guys with higher ceilings for the future that may not be used very much currently on their NFL teams. This doesn’t mean just adding the first rookie you see on the free agent list. Do some homework. Look for guys with some nice draft capital, solid metrics, or even hyped players. More often than not, players that have been hyped (really at any  point) are going to have some sort of value. Players like Jeff Janis, Chris Conley, or Cody Latimer are floating around un-owned in a lot of leagues (kind of surprising, actually). Do some digging and look far into the depths of your league. You never know, you might find a gem.

Injured Reserve or Suspended Players

Now is a really great time to add players with the IR or SSPD designation, as they’re likely as cheap as they are going to be and sometimes even free! This could be your best chance to add players like Le’Veon Bell, Keenan Allen, Josh Gordon, and Kelvin Benjamin along with many more. I understand not wanting to buy a RB off a major knee injury, or a complete bonehead who can’t seem to stay on the field, but the upside is there and the price is likely unbeatable right now. Assuming your league doesn’t have a trade deadline, send offers that can help contenders who roster these type of guys. You may be surprised at the responses. Looking at the “free” end of the spectrum, guys like Lance Dunbar, Paul Richardson, Branden Oliver or Darren Waller are all nice adds for open IR/SSPD spots.

Hopefully, at this point, you know that my point is to stay active year round in your dynasty leagues. Have I mentioned that? Stay active! Besides, what are you going to do with all of that extra time now that you don’t have to set lineups? Go outside? Do work around the house? Play with your kids? All overrated, to be honest.

Thanks for reading!

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