Welcome back Ben!

Welcome back Ben!

Its been a long month without Mr. Roethlisberger. I’ve had to scrape the waiver wire weekly to find replacements like Kirk Cousins (meh) and Michael Vick ( double meh). I’ve had some success and some failures with these guys..mostly failures, but I’ve been able to keep my head barely above water. Speaking of failures: the ‘skin of my teeth’ theme from last week  finally backfired on me  as I was on the wrong side of another close game. Pat Kerrane was able to beat me by two points to improve to 6-1 in the Spider Monkey Division. That is now three weeks in a row that my game has come down to less than a touchdown. It was a bad beat for sure and a valiant effort by Pat, who has now all but locked up a playoff berth in the Scott Fish Bowl.

As for me, I will need to be on my game to make the post season but I feel good about my chances. As mentioned earlier: I have been able to keep my head above water without Big Ben and at 4-3 I am still in fifth place in my division and would be in the playoffs by virtue of points scored if the season ended today. This week is the first week all season that I will have to sit a player who I feel like is a good play instead of scraping the wire to find a body to start.

Yup..I’m surprisingly optimistic for a guy sitting just above .500 and coming off a loss, which is obviously going to blow up in my face.

Week eight is week one of the comeback tour and I face another big challenge in Pat Thorman from Pro Football Focus. Pat has a team built on upside at wide receiver and will be starting five absolute studs in Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant, Emmanual Sanders and Golden Tate. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better starting five wide receivers in the league. On top of Pat’s receiving core he will be starting all-world quarterback (Angry)Tom Brady! I have my work cut out for me here so I will have to be sure not to leave any points on the bench this week as Pat’s team has all of the upside in the world and could see him scoring upwards of 200 points.

Check back next week to find out if I can stay above .500 and for a breakdown of the overall standing for the Scott Fish Bowl 360!

Paul Batts


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