NFL Week 7: The Duds Are Alive with a Clown…Jadeveon Clowney To You

nfl week7 welcome back eric berry

It is never good to start with the bad, but sometimes it must be so.  NFL  week 7 we deserve to get the bad taste out of our system,  fast.  And lo and behold it is highlighted by one particular head scratching incident.   Hello NFL week seven and Jadeveon Clowney.


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Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans

Okay, let’s get this straight.   You were a first round pick.  You have played 10 total games in two years.   Your team is down 41-0.  You get your first sack.   And you celebrate?   What exactly were you celebrating?  You saw the score right?  You realize you are grossly underachieving?   So why…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense

Not sure if Lovie Smith is to blame, but it’s a good place to start.   For instance you unload Darrelle Revis because he didn’t fit into your scheme.  Right about now you have to be rethinking the efficiency of that scheme.

Then off  of a bye week, and into week 7 in the NFL your defense allows Kirk Cousins to look like the second coming of Tom Brady.  You were up 24-0.  Cousins against your vaulted. defensive scheme,  completed the largest comeback in Washington’s 83 year history.  Kirk Cousins did that.  Yep, it’s that bad.

Shake it off.   Tell me something good. ..Tell me that you like it..yeah..bring on NFL week 7 studs.


Eric Berry,  Safety, Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome back Mr. Berry.  Sunday Berry intercepted his first pass since returning from his battle with cancer.  Just writing that makes me smile.  Even though it was against my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, I still luv ya.  Yep, still smiling.  Welcome back Berry,  your stud status is unquestioned.

Telvin Smith, Linebacker, Jaguars

To be fair he had lots of help from E.J. Manuel.  But an ugly win is so much better than a beautiful loss.  Even streamed on my phone via, Smith looked good.  He was a menace.   Nine tackles here, an interception there it was nice.  What made even better?  The win.  So sweet.

Saint Louis Rams Defense

If you want to know what a dominating defense looks like,  pop in a tape of the Rams play in week 7-the NFL never looked so good.  Yes, yes it was the Browns, but they are pretty good, until last Sunday.

Let’s see: four turnovers, one touchdown, and four sacks.   Drop the mic.

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