Fantasy Football Week 3 Studs and Duds: Can You Say Brandon Marshall? The Other One?

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So week three in football is over.  Fantasy football was loaded with studs and duds.  And it looks like Brandon Marshall leads the stud train.  And nope it isn’t that Brandon Marshall.  This is the one who still resides in Denver Colorado.  It is the one who plays on the other side of the ball.

Welcome to week three of studs and duds IDP style.  And here we go.


Brandon Marshall, Linebacker, Denver Broncos

There is no doubt that all the chatter is about the ability of quarterback Peyton Manning to toss the ball.  You are seriously looking in the wrong place.  You want to know why the Denver Broncos are winning?  Look at the defense.  And this week, look at the other Brandon Marshall.  Marshall is phenomenal.  He is everywhere at once.  He is number 54 in case you are wondering. And in week three he was on the upside of 12 tackles.  Astounding!

DeMarcus Ware, Linebacker, Denver Broncos

It just isn’t fair.  Seriously if you are on the offensive side of the ball and you see the Denver Broncos on your schedule you might want to see if your organization is okay with a position change, or maybe pull up with a hamstring injury.  Because seriously, it just isn’t fair.  The talent is here, check.  And now they have a defensive coordinator who understands the talent,  and defense, and domination.  Hmm, can Wade Phillips be considered a stud?  He is.  And so Ware is the honorable recipient of the Phillips scheme.  Week three he contributed four tackles and 1.5 sacks.  And Ware is on the downside of 30.  Oh wait 30 is the new damn good!

Tyrann Mathieu, Safety, Arizona Cardinals

I admit it, I have no idea what a honeybadger is!  But I know what Tyrann Mathieu did and it was awesome.  He finished the game with five tackles and two interceptions.  The first for a 33 yard score.  It was almost as if San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick thought Mathieu was on his team?  To be honest the entire Cardinals defense was pretty awesome.  But Mathieu has come a long way.  Welcome back Honeybadger, whatever that is.


Per the first two weeks let’s just go with total defenses who stunk it up.  And returning for repeat performance…..

New Orleans Saints

It is wrong to kick a man when he is down.  THEN GET UP!!!! The Saints defense just isn’t good.  It was a division game.  It was against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.  A Panthers team whose one running back was injured.  Who let’s face it is without a bona fide number one wide receiver.  And it was a Panthers team who beat you by scoring 10 points in the second quarter, 10 points in the third quarter and seven points in the fourth quarter.  Congratulations you held them in the first quarter!

New York Jets

Maybe this is more of higher expectations not being met.  So the Jets at home get to play the struggling offense of the Philadelphia Eagles.  It is a no brainer right?  It should have been a complete wipe out.  The J-E-T-S defense is dominate.  WaaaaWaaaaa!  Hold on!  Yep the Eagles scored 21 points on this vaulted defense in the second quarter.  You know who you were playing right.  This was an offense who couldn’t run, couldn’t pass and was more than happy to go three and out.  But now Jets defense, they are winners.   You weren’t only a fantasy bust, you were a real time bust.  For shame!

San Diego Chargers

So the question is, do the Chargers possess a run defense?  It is questionable.  Let’s see week three versus the Minnesota Vikings: 2 quarter Adrian Peterson 2-yard rushing touchdown.  Third quarter Adrian Peterson 43 yard rushing touchdown.  And third quarter Zach Line one yard rushing touchdown.  Peterson averaged 6.3 yards a carry on 20 rushes.  So the question is do the Chargers have a rushing defense?


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