Sunshine and Unicorns-Week one recap #SFB360


Thank you for joining me again on my journey through the gauntlet of experts in the Scott Fish Bowl. I’m happy to report that after one full week I am well on my way to my undefeated season! Well…it is possible that ‘well on my way’ is a bit of an overstatement, but let a guy have his day.

It’s not all sunshine and unicorns in The Spider Monkey Division (Scott always comes up with the most original names for these things) however, as my team didn’t perform up to my expectations. With a total 35 points from my first three picks is it possible that I missed on these guys? AJ Green and Justin Forsett will be fine, I think, but was I wrong on Adrian Peterson? Only time will tell with AP but he was a risky pick all along, for many reasons. I personally feel like he will bounce back in a big way, but there is absolutely  cause for concern there. I’m hoping that he is just going to need a week or two to get into game shape after not seeing any preseason action and he has stated that he will need time to adjust to ‘Teddy Bridgewater’s Offense’.

On the bright side I had some pleasant surprises with some of my later round picks:

Jarvis Landry is just a ppr machine with his 8 catches and a punt return touchdown helped him eclipse 20 points. I expect him to be heavily involved all year but he will need to improve on his 6 yards a catch to really be a factor. I expect he will.

Donte Moncrief was a pleasant surprise for me as he looked much more involved than many anticipated. Andre Johnson looked slow and Phillip Dorsett will need time to adjust to the pro game so Moncrief may end up becoming a reliable start for me.

Ameer Abdullah was everything I expected and more. Anybody that knows me knows that I have been a #FearAmeer fan boy since the NFL draft and he exceeded even my expectations. This dude is QUICK and I’m not exaggerating when I say he may get up to full speed as fast as anyone in the game. If you havn’t had the chance to watch this kid play, do yourself a favor. He looks to be a steal where I got him way back in July.

Percy Harvin I’m going to take a wait and see approach with Harvin. Tyrod seems to like him, and he has a ton of talent. But the fact that Vontae Davis was on Watkins last week makes me think that Sammy will be much more involved than he was in week 1. Harvin has burned me before so I’ll keep him on the bench until he shows some know what they say about sunshine and  a dog’s behind.

Eric Decker and Martellus Bennett both scored and I expect them both to be solid contributors.. nothing spectacular but they should be steady. The Unicorn’s numbers were helped by a garbage time touchdown vs The Packers.

All in all I feel pretty good about my team but, as I told you last week, I need to be aggressive on the waiver wire.With the early July draft and the fact that there wasn’t a waiver wire from July until after week one, I planned on being aggressive, even if I had to overspend. I put in bids for James Jones, Brandon Coleman, Nate Washington, Kirk Cousins and Benny Cunningham. I missed out on the two big name wide receivers as they went a little higher than I anticipated:Jones went for $50 and Coleman went for $ bid on each was $27. I’m ok with losing out on both of those players at those prices with the emergence of Moncrief off my bench I feel like I should be ok at wide receiver.

Kirk Cousins allows me to play a flex at quarterback every week of the season, barring injury, which should give me an advantage during the bye weeks.

Benny Cunningham is a player I have drafted or added in a lot of my leagues. He is flying under the radar because of the addition of Gurley to an offense that already had Tre Mason dominating carries. Cunningham is a good player and should serve as the 3rd down/passing down back even when Gurley returns from his injury and, as an added bonus, returns kicks for the Rams.

Nate Washington won’t excite anybody but he has always been an underated player and has proved dependable throughout the years. I’m hoping that I won’t need to use him much but I like him on the end of my bench if I need him in a pinch.

I’m happy to add these three guys to my roster for a total of $40 (40% of my FAAB), even if I did miss out on the Bigger name guys Jones and Coleman.

As I look ahead to this week’s matchup I face another powerhouse in Andrew Jordan ( @thefantasyforce ) . Andrew’s team features arguably the best quarterback in the league in Aaron Rodgers; everybody’s favorite ppr monster Brandin Cooks and all world tight end Travis Kelce. My team will have to be firing on all cylinders to have a chance against a squad littered with studs like Andrew’s so wish me luck.. I’m going to need it.

Until next week..





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