Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes Part 2

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes Part 2: Dynasty Start-Up Rankings

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Dynasty startups are, in my opinion, the toughest to draft into. Given the view of this year combined with a look forward can confound a drafter. As I have discussed concerning reference class forecasting, I like to “see” the potential draft selections by positions. Also, pay attention to age (see drafting kindle book appendix for my findings on age and experience, etc.).

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Team Level Fantasy Professor Rankings (FPR) and Player Age

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Landscape Views allow me to frame the system in terms of players rankings and age. Which teams are the Best in terms of FPR of the start-up dynasty and the average age of players? Should we avoid “old” teams?

I sorted the teams by FPR averages, and the top teams predicted for 2020 are ATL, DAL, CLE, NYG, KC, CAR, and TEN vs.NO, IND, HOU, PIT, GB, NE, and WAS. (tops and bottoms).

I next sorted by AGE averages. The older teams are NO, ATL, TB, IND, NE, HOU, and SEA vs. younger teams of CHI, JAC, BAL, DEN, and WAS. Use these metrics to force later pickups in your drafts. Move to youth and high ranked teams.



Bar Graphs of Team Start-Up Dynasty FPR and Age

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Emphasizes the Landscapes of the Team Level Metrics. Move toward the younger and highly ranked teams for player acquisitions. Also, focus on positions where the old key players are competing with much younger players. They may become more valued over time.




Connections to FPR and Team Average Age?

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Combination Graph of Team Age Averages (Left to Right Old to Younger Teams) vs. FPR averages. I plotted the average FPR vs. Age (yellow line). A slight positive correlation to younger teams having higher average FPRs. I colorized the team bars for high to low FPR averages. (Green to Red – High to Low).

Five of the seven weakest teams are found in the higher older teams. Interesting concept for consideration.



Team Positional Average FPR and Age

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. I next drill down into the level of position within each team. I rank them by FPR and Age averages. Move to youth and higher rankings. Note the extremes for drafts and move into the players highly ranked with youth.

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide19

The Bar graph highlights the 50% value level (purple line) when looking at FPR and Age.

Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide20


Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide21Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide22


Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide23Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide24


Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide25Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide26


Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide27Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Slide28







Dynasty Start-Up Landscapes. Part 2


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