Red Zone Player Performances

By John Bush

Red Zone Player Performances

The Red Zone Player Performances report give you insights into:

  • Focused RZ Passing
  • RZ receiving
  • RZ Rushing

I focus on the team and player levels to chart the RZ performances so far this season (weeks 1 and 2).

Questions considered are:

  1. Who are the tops and bottoms in RZ passing, receiving and rushing?
  2. What is the pecking order in each team near the RZ? 
  3. What is the efficiency in players RZ activities? 

RZ Passing Performance

This report presents the player, team, RZ FP earned, RZ FP per Pass ATTs, and My RZ Performance Grade. The RZ metrics from High to Low Performances in Weeks 1 and 2. 

Note players like Taylor get few opportunities but can do well (He is now on the bench after the concussion and Mayfield stepping in). Therefore, you must consider the amount of FP vs RZ Performance.

Mahomes is the hands down tops in RZ performance! Rivers seems next if you calculate the RZ FPs then Wilson etc. Some surprising information in here. Rodgers at a 49 RZ PF? Brees at 45 RZ PF. The RZ data does not tell the whole story but it good to have a QB strong in the RZ PF! 


RZ Receiving Performance

These next figures present the RZ receiving side of the metrics. Player, Team, Target, Recpt, Recpt%, Yds, TD, FP, FP/Target, and RZ performance. 

This data gives the RZ opportunities in RZ targets vs their overall RZ performance.

JuJu is the clear top in 8 RZ targets but he was not very efficient earning an 18 RZ PF!

Thomas is the better player with 7 RZ targets and earning a 45 RZ PF!

Scan into this data to find the player high in the metrics. 

Red Zone Player Performances Slide2Slide3

RZ Rushing Performance

These data give the player. team. RZ rushing attempts. RZ Yds, and RZ TD. 

Gurley is the supreme RBs with 14 ATTs, followed by Crowell, Hyde, and Peterson.

Note the RBs that have scored RZ TDs: Gurley, Crowell, Hyde, Ajayi, and Elliot. 

Red Zone Player Performances slide430.jpg

Red Zone Player Performances Slide5

RZ Combination Metrics: Passing, Receiving, and Rushing RZ Performances

These next figures look at each player and across the 3 RZ metrics in RZ PFs! I included an RZ PF average.

Remember low opportunities can skew the RZ PF!

Red Zone Player Performances Slide6

Red Zone Player Performances Slide7

Red Zone Player Performances Slide8

Red Zone Player Performances Slide9

Red Zone Player Performances Slide10

Red Zone Player Performances Slide11

RZ Team Level Performances 

Metrics allow a landscape view of each team. Find the interesting trends.


Johnson in ARI does it by rushing. His receiving is poor in the RZ! Needs to change.


Jones needs TDs!


Allen seems the best RZ RB


BUF not good!


CJ Anderson not doing his part in the RZ


Howard and Cohen not good in the first 2 weeks


Bernard should improve?


Hyde the rusher


Elliot is eh in rushing


Freeman gets the RZ work?


Riddick needs to get more efficient in the RZ.


Less efficiency than you might think in RZ!


HOU. Blue a viable handcuff.


Hines ok in RZ


ASJ is better than thought?


Hunt is ok in RZ but in receiving.


Gordon nicely balanced!


Gurley ok balanced. He can improve


Drake eh RB in RZ


Weak RB RZ activities.


NE Players can improve in the RZ!


Kamara has room to be better in the RZ


Manning is not good hurts all.


Crowell better than the rest!


Lynch is the RZ rushing boss!


Clement if he plays can up his stats this week!


Conner weak in receiving RZ! Not the complete package like Bell!  Brown needs to step up!


Locket doing well as is the surprise TE Dissly.


Morris and Breida weak in RZ rushing!


Godwin and Evans show in the RZ


Davis weak vs Taylor!


Peterson weak in RZ rushing! Reed is underused as is Crowder! Concerns for WAS long term!


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