QB Streamers Week 3

Last week’s QB streamers were a little hit-or-miss. That is part of the danger of using guys who are lowly owned. In addition, Week 2 was kind of strange for the whole league. Many fantasy games were won with extremely low scores while people who had Steelers or Chiefs blowing away their opposition. Saying that, once again if you rode Ryan Fitzpatrick then you are probably tasting success this week.

Again we have question marks around the availability of Marcus Mariota. However, at this point his ownership is dipping significantly. After waivers run this week he may be as low as 25%.

For this article I will generally look to select QBs that are under 70% owned.

Matt Ryan vs New Orleans Saints (84% owned)

This selection falls outside of my less than 70% rule but it is for a good reason. The New Orleans Saints defense was shredded by Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1. If the Cleveland Browns were a competent offense they should have done it as well. Ryan has the ability to rip this defense to shreds and I fully expect him too. If you are in a league where Ryan is available then this is the week to pick him up and start him.

Blake Bortles vs Tennessee Titans (28%)

Bortles had a fantastic game against the New England Patriots in Week 2, scoring 33 fantasy points and looking as good as he ever has. One of the reasons may have been the absence of Leonard Fournette, meaning that the pressure of running the offense fell onto the shoulders of Bortles. There is no guarantee Fournette is a full go in Week 3 and that should help Bortles have another good game. In addition, the Tennesse pass defense has not been that great. They surrendered some deep shots to the Texans and it only was not worse for them because the Texans offensive line is terrible. The Jaguars do not have that issue and Bortles should be able to pick apart the Titans pass defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Pittsburgh Steelers (23%)

The Pittsburgh Steelers got shredded by Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2. They had success in Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns due to the incompetence of that offensive line. However, Tampa Bay’s offense and their offensive line seem to be in an extremely good place. That should set them up for success against the Steelers. Fitzpatrick has one of the best wide receiver one-two punches in the league at his disposal and he should be able to use them to throw all over the Steelers. With Fitzpatrick’s run game virtually non-existent he is going to have no choice but to throw the ball plenty and could be in line for another 400 yard game.

Ryan Tannehill vs Oakland Raiders (7%)

Tannehill has yet to really lay down a marker this season. However, he has not had it easy in the first two weeks. In Week 1 he had to deal with the two long rain delays. In Week 2 he faced a defense who are sneakily better than many think. The Oakland Raiders defense is not good. Their performance in Week 2 in Denver may say more about the inconsistency of the Broncos offense that is does about the Raiders defense. Tannehill is unlikely to ever give you the big 25-plus point game but he should have a solid floor of 15 points and could easily hit between 20 and 25 points this week.

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