Fantasy Baseball: Roto Shortstop Rankings

Nationals Trea Turner

The roto shortstop rankings this year feel rather underwhelming on first view but there is the potential for some mid-range guys to produce to their upside and make it an exciting position in 2018. People familiar with roto shortstop rankings will know it is no stranger to being top heavy and while it is this year it also is not a disaster if you miss out on the top group in the position.


That select group at the top will grow when Manny Machado gains eligibility in the first couple of weeks and it should mean that roughly half of a 12 team league will have elite SS production. That elite group doesn’t include the likes of Elvis Andrus, Jean Segura and Xander Bogaerts who could make it amongst those names and add the depth. However, Andrus’ value hinges on his ability to hit home runs for only the second time in his career, Segura needs to keep running and Bogaerts need to just be better than he has been the last year or so. Beyond that little group it does really become pick your poison time.

Kyle and I discussed the merits of both Addison Russell and Tim Beckham as deeper options but the list of names is fairly long spanning from Trevor Story and Didi Gregorius to Jorge Polanco and Marcus Semien. There are 15-ish names who could do anything from steal 40 bases to hit 25 home runs or a combination of home runs and points and therefore this becomes a position to fill your need late in drafts if you miss out on a SS early on. That list doesn’t include the safety of Andrelton Simmons who could be top 10 simply on games played. We also have two young guys in Amed Rosario and Gleyber Torres, who both could be useful if playing time falls their way, which may be tougher for Torres after the signing of Neil Walker that you can read about here.

As with all rankings I do, the roto shortstop rankings are put together based on ESPN eligibility. This doesn’t really affect this position much as it is the weakest position and therefore if you are eligible at SS you are likely being played there. That may not be the case for some of the 2B eligible guys but it generally is. What it does do is it removes the likes of Chris Taylor from the pool as he is only eligible as 2B and OF in standard ESPN eligibility

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