WGC Mexico DraftKings Swiping

For this week’s WGC Mexico DraftKings analysis I’m switching up my methods. In this no cut event that includes only the top players in the world it’s difficult to sell anyone as a true sleeper. With a limited field and almost all the big names playing, it’s especially important not to miss fire on any high priced selections. So… I choose to sort this out from the top down by examining the eight most expensive players on DK this week with the most scientific, thorough approach I know of–swiping. Let it begin!

(Courtesy: Paulina Gretzky's IG)

Dustin 33, USA $11,900 (Courtesy: Paulina Gretzky’s IG)

That’s me and my Bae! We’re in town for weekend lookin for a third to get down! I have to be at work during the day and need something to look forward to lol! Could it be you? Intellectual conversation, crab rangoons, podcasts, and Netflix are a must. If you like Nickelback it’s a deal breaker…

I can’t say that I particularly like Nickelback, but I’ve found myself humming their tunes at times. I’m not proud of it. But it’s true. And I am nothing if not honest when I’m swiping. I brought it up last year in my swiping debut, but I must reiterate there’s a legit debate among a group of my friends on whether or not Paulina is attractive. Now, every time I see a picture of her I wonder if these so-called heterosexual men on the “not attractive” side are worthy of my friendship. I’m pretty sure the Flat Earth movement even think debating that one is a stretch. Anyway, the world’s number one ranked player seems like a safe bet to justify his price this week in Mexico where he won last year. In his 22 career WGC events not including the match play tournament his average finish is 20, includes eight top 10s, and four wins. To prove I’m not lying, and reveal I have no life here’s a picture of my course history excel that was created by me copying and pasting tournament results from pgatour.com.


I’ll safely swipe right on DJ this week. Paulina–hard right.

(Courtesy: Patrik Giardino)

Jon 23, Spain $10,600 (Courtesy: Patrik Giardino)

Big fan of long romantic walks to the fridge. Heart of Viking. Soul of a Gypsy. Mouth of a sailor. Looking to start as friends with potential for Netflix and Chill. Independent and sassy. If you can find a better fish pun, let minnow. No hookups.

A key factor to focus on here with the young Spaniard is the use of a full body picture for his profile. It provides the requisite information for making a fully educated swipe. However, one could argue, Rahm’s “no hookups” policy negates all the full body picture goodwill. I mean, what are we here for anyway? Rahm’s upside is never an issue, but with three finishes outside the top 25 this season it’s the floor that concerns me. I’m just at a point in my life where something more mature, consistent, and a touch cheaper is my speed. I think I can find that later on here–left.


(Nov. 16, 2017 - Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

Justin 24, USA $11,500 (Nov. 16, 2017 – Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

Already have a pussy, don’t need another one. Tease. Not a vegan. Never impressed. 420 friendly. Dog nanny.

Real talk: that’s a real profile. Only reason I used it for JT is because I can’t figure out an entertaining, clever way to say he’s really good at golf. I’ll play contrarian, and assume he has to come back to earth this week. At some point, if he doesn’t finish outside the top 25, it may be time to wonder if he’s even from earth altogether. I don’t feel great about it but… left.

(Courtesy: Getty Images)

Jordan 24, USA $10,500 (Courtesy: Getty Images)

I’m working every second of every day to make the world around me better. My career is very important to me. I’m considered the “golden child” of my company by some of my peers. I take my orange juice with pulp and champagne. On here to find the one. And by the “the one” I mean someone to tell me I’m pretty and feed me tacos.

Spieth has fared well recently in stroke play WGC events with top 20 finishes is his last seven starts, three top 10s, and a T12 in Mexico City last year. Outside of one missed cut, a T20 finish is his worst result this season in five starts. All indications point to the Dallas native having the appropriate floor, upside, and form to justify the investment. And Spieth just seems like a guy who just has to win everything so the fact that he lacks a WGC win in his career is a little plus. What I’m trying to say is… Jordan, I think you’re very pretty, and next time I see you I’ll hand feed you a hard shell–right!

(Courtesy: Tommy's twitter)

Tommy 27, England $10,000 (Courtesy: Tommy’s twitter)

Hey there! That’s my fur baby and me just chillaxin! Her and I are looking for LTR. I work outdoors. I put hot sauce on everything. I can be a bit blunt sometimes which gets me in trouble LOL. We can tell people we met at the library.

If there’s anything more lethal than this Englishman’s game right now, it’s cute dog profile pictures. These revelations are momentous right now in increasing the attractiveness level of men rivaling what the tramp stamp was doing for woman at the turn of the century. It’s attention to detail like this that let me know Fleetwood’s game is dialed in, firing on all cylinders heading into Mexico City where he had his best PGA Tour finish with sole possession of second place just one shot behind DJ last year. I’m not a big hot sauce guy, but there’s enough here to justify the 11th world ranked player’s steep price. Right.

Rickie 29, USA $9,800 (Courtesy: Rickie's IG)

Rickie 29, USA $9,800 (Courtesy: Rickie’s IG)

A slut is like the first piece of bread in the loaf… everyone touches it, but nobody wants it. If you don’t like sarcasm you won’t like me. I don’t care how big the fish you caught was. I smoke a lot of weed and dream a lot of dreams. Will you be the peanut butter to my jelly?

Again, real profile. You can’t make this shit up! Even if you’re in a relationship, everyone should be on these apps. The entertainment factor alone is worth it. And, I think we all need another reason to be addicted to our phones. Anyway, going back to last season my man crush for Rickie is well documented, and I never dared to go left on him. But, times and hearts change. You could say he’s a prime bounce back candidate having missed the weekend at the Honda Classic, and that may be the case as he’s played very well in WGC stroke play events finishing inside the top 20 in his last nine starts. However, when he’s missed two of his last three cuts this season, it illustrates an unattractive floor making the investment likely riskier than the cute dog picture appears. Besides, I actually like the first piece of bread in the loaf. Don’t worry Rickie, I’ll be back! Left.

Justin 37, England $9,700 (Courtesy: therichest.com)

Justin 37, England $9,700 (Courtesy: therichest.com)

Old enough to know better, but still too young to care 🙂 Hopeless romantic hoping chivalry isn’t dead. I enjoy a fancy night out and also quiet nights at home cooking dinner and watching movies. I’m a fun loving, wear my heart on my sleeve type of person. Professional cuddler.

Rose’s game has been razor sharp going back to last season’s Fed Ex playoffs with six straight top 10s in his last six events including a win at the first WGC tournament of the year in Shanghai. He also talked this week about feeling fresh coming into Mexico City after taking a few weeks off to regroup. With his current form, high floor, and upside I’ll cuddle up to this Englishman all day over Rahm at a slightly more reasonable price. Right.

Phil 47, USA $9,300 (Courtesy: myhowbook.com)

Phil 47, USA $9,300 (Courtesy: myhowbook.com)

Thick thighs, thin patience. Last meal would be a number 1 combo from BK king size w/cheese, Italian chicken sandwich kicker, and a diet coke. Whats yours? Work all day with my hands on my feet. But do my best work horizontally at night 😉 Looking to hookup…

I discussed Lefty’s resurgence two week’s ago, and he continued the trend with his third consecutive top 10 at the Genesis Open. I see no reason for the trend not to continue heading into Mexico where he finished tied for 7th last year. I think the improvement in his game off the tee, current form, and last meal choice make him the best bargain over 9k on DK this week. It’s only a matter of time before he hoists his first trophy since 2013 when he had his last win on tour. And, we all know “looking to hook up” is an automatic right anyway. HARD RIGHT!

Projected Lineups

This is a more balanced approach without any of the top priced talent where I think each guy has a reasonable floor with top 10 upside. Thomas Pieters has a track record of playing well in five career WGC events with four finishes coming inside the top 25 including a T5 last year in Mexico. He’s a guy capable of winning anywhere, anytime, and in any field.

Player Salary
Patrick Cantlay  $      8,700
Brian Harman  $      8,000
Marc Leishman  $      7,600
Phil Mickelson  $      9,300
Thomas Pieters  $      8,300
Chez Reavie  $      8,100

This lineup is more greedy adding in Fleetwood’s luscious locks at 10k. The net effect is trading out Harman and Reavie for Dufner and Molinari who both have years of experience playing in WGC events littered with high place finishes including both finishing inside the top 25 in Mexico last year.

Player Salary
Tommy Fleetwood  $    10,000
Jason Dufner  $      7,500
Marc Leishman  $      7,600
Phil Mickelson  $      9,300
Thomas Pieters  $      8,300
Francesco Molinari  $      7,300

Good luck in Mexico! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock. In honor of Oscars week, I leave you with my favorite acceptance speech ever from maybe the best acting performance of all time delivered by possibly the best person in history…

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