Fantasy Baseball: Early points second base rankings

With the points second base rankings we get our first real understanding of how steals make a huge difference in roto compared to in points leagues. In roto steals is one of five scoring elements compared to just another point among many in this format. Take Dee Gordon for example; his projected points league score is 398 by my projections and in that he is projected 57 steals. In roto his steals essentially makes up a fifth of his overall value and you could even argue it is more given the scarcity of steals. In points leagues which offer one point per steal his steals total is now closer to an eighth of his value and you will see what a difference that makes to how you rank him.


I play both formats because they offer different thing but what I like about points leagues is how they strip away the reliance on just five categories and puts more weight on everything a hitter does and nothing emphasises that more than the middle infielders. In a true sense of the word they are a better judge of the true value of a batter and if you play in a league which rewards defense as well then you are nearly truly encompassing the value of a player to a team. Now if we can just find a way to fairly judge how ‘clutch’ a play is for fantasy and we really would have it spot on!

All of this is a way of saying that once again while the points rankings and roto rankings have their similarities at this position don’t be surprised to see steals or power heavy players slightly further down the ranks in this position in this format.

Tier Rank Name Team Eligibility
1 1 Jose Altuve HOU 2B
2 2 Jose Ramirez CLE 2B3B
3 3 Daniel Murphy WSH 2B
3 4 Robinson Cano SEA 2B
3 5 DJ LeMahieu COL 2B
3 6 Brian Dozier MIN 2B
3 7 Dee Gordon SEA 2B
3 8 Ozzie Albies ATL 2B
4 9 Joe Panik SF 2B
4 10 Ian Kinsler LAA 2B
4 11 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B
4 12 Whit Merrifield KC 2B
4 13 Starlin Castro MIA 2B
4 14 Jed Lowrie OAK 2B
5 15 Dustin Pedroia BOS 2B
5 16 Jason Kipnis CLE 2B
6 17 Asdrubal Cabrera NYM 2B3BSS
6 18 Cesar Hernandez PHI 2B
6 19 Josh Harrison PIT 2B3B
6 20 Eduardo Nunez FA 2B3BOF

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