Fantasy Baseball: Early points catcher rankings

Royals Sal Perez catcher rankings

Putting together the points catcher rankings doesn’t feel as much of a chore as when doing the equivalent for roto. I think it’s because in roto every out is significant in terms of its effect on average and the added fact that many of these guys bat low in line-ups damages their runs and RBI potential. When you come to points leagues suddenly a single out is less of an issue because it doesn’t count minus the way it does in roto. Unless it is a strikeout it just counts for zero and that is a lot different. I mean don’t get me wrong it is still not an exciting position and there are still some real pitfalls out there but all I’m saying is its better. There are some much defined drop offs at the position which make tiering these guys a fairly simple process.


Ranking for points leagues is always tough because every league is slightly different. The format I am taking here is what I consider to be fairly standard. A point for each base, run, RBI, walk, HBP and steal and -1 for each strikeout. Of course every league has its own quirk and that means the user has to adjust for those in his or her rankings for that particular league but hopefully this gives you base to go off and then you can adjust if for example your league rewards power or really punishes strikeouts.

As with my roto rankings everything here is calculated off ESPN eligibility.

Tier Rank Name Team Eligibility
1 1 Buster Posey SF C1B
2 2 Gary Sanchez NYY C
2 3 J.T. Realmuto MIA C
2 4 Willson Contreras CHC C
3 5 Yadier Molina STL C
3 6 Salvador Perez KC C
4 7 Evan Gattis HOU CDH
4 8 Wilson Ramos TB C
4 9 Jonathan Lucroy FA C
4 10 Austin Barnes LAD C2B
5 11 Matt Wieters WSH C
5 12 Tyler Flowers ATL C
5 13 Welington Castillo CWS C
5 14 Robinson Chirinos TEX C
5 15 Stephen Vogt MIL C
5 16 Travis d’Arnaud NYM C
6 17 Tucker Barnhart CIN C
6 18 Brian McCann HOU C
6 19 Francisco Cervelli PIT C
6 20 Russell Martin TOR C


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