Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13

By John Bush

Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13

Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 report presents material to enhance your view of the each Team’s rushing attempts by team and players for the first 11 weeks. 

Weekly Rushing ATTs per Team


  • JAC with 326 and MIN with 317 Rushing Attempts are the top 2 in Seasonal Rushing Attempts.

  • KC, CLE, and SEA are the bottom teams in rushing attempts over the 12 weeks!


Avg Rushing Atts Per Week By Team



  • LAR, DAL, and PIT are the Top in Avg Atts Per Week

  • OAK, GB, NE, and SEA are at the Bottom of Avg Atts per Week.


Recent Changes in Rushing Attempts Per Minute by Team

Atts per Minute Data – Normalized to a Scale of 0 to 100


  • Top Running Team by Avg Rushing Atts Metric Recently are ARI, WAS, NYG, GB, LAC, OAK, and NYJ

  • The Bottom Teams are JAC, CHI, MIA, IND, and NE.  Beware of these Team’s RBs in STD Scoring Leagues! 


League “Snap-Shot” Team Rushing ATTs vs Passing ATTs

I present the current rushing attempts per game for each team! The data shown in the Table presents a data normalized view of the rushing vs passing attempts per game from each team!

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Given the league’s emphasis on passing, the data was sorted by high to low of the league teams passing levels.

Team’s Normalized (Scaled) Rushing vs Passing Rankings


The averages for run vs pass attempts were calculated. These average numbers were subtracted to give a landscape view of each teams relative R to P attempts (Bias Skew) and are shown. The Ratios of Pass to Run (Pass Bias) are also determined and graphed!

Recent Rushing vs Passing Attempts Scaled to the Average of the league with Team Skew to Passing

Teams are Annotated by Their Offense Bias to Passing or Not!


  • MIA is at a Pass to Rush Ratio of 14.

  • DET and LAR are at a P/R ratio of 4!  

  • IND, CAR, GB, PHI, ATL are the Bottom Teams in Terms of P/R (Rushing more)


Normalized Rushing Attempts Per Minute Weekly by Team and Players

  • The following gives you a color-coded numbers of rushing attempts per minute of offense per week.  Use this data for DFS and Drop/Adds this week!
  • Rushing Attempts Per Minute Normalized on a scale of 0 to 100 and Sorted by Week 12 Data
  • Green X denotes recent upward changes in Rushing ATTs per Minute.
  • Red X denoted a drop in Rushing ATTs per Minute

Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 slide131.pngslide141.pngRushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide15slide161.pngRushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide17


Average of League Normalized Rushing Attempts per Minute of Offensive Play.

The speeds of teams do vary and simple attempts per game stat may not reflect a truth needed to understand a team’s rushing game!

I have given an ATT/MIN metric here which has been normalized to a scale of 100 to 0 (Highest of the Week to Lowest Attempts per Minute)

The next series of the tables gives color-coded Atts/Min for rushing and the last 5-week average!

 Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide19Slide20Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide21Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide22Slide23Slide24Slide25Rushing Attempts Per Minute Week 13 Slide26


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