Targets Per Snap Weeks 8 to 1 2017

By John Bush

Targets Per Snap Weeks 8 to 1 2017

Targets Per Snap Weeks 8 to 1 2017 analysis starts with a landscape view of each team’s total number of players targeted by the week. 

How player concentrated are each team’s targets?

Interestingly, in the following table, the most concentrated targeting team was PIT and the least concentrated targeting team was DEN.

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I used this data to look for adding players or in trades.

The teams at the top of the graph are distributing their targets to more players. (DEN, CLE, TB, SF, SEA, NYG, and PHI).

Finding a 2nd or 3rd level deep player there may be more valuable than commonly thought!


Targeting Concentration Per Team- #Players Targeted




Players Targeted By Position, Week and Team

Note Positional Team Tops and Bottoms! 

Running Backs


Tight Ends


Wide Receivers


Total Weekly Team Targets per Snap.

The top teams in numbers of Targets/Snap are PIT, ARI, GB, DET, NE, and MIA

The Bottom Boys are JAX, BUF, CIN, CHI, and BAL

Combining Concentration and Target per Snaps give you an insightful view of each teams targeting plans each week.

Players from the Bottom Teams had better be efficient and score more. 



Targets Per Snap and Changes from Weeks 6 to 8 vs Early Season (W3 to 5) 

How has the Team’s Targets per Snap changed? Why?

Two important questions!

Note that Team like OAK, CAR, IND, WAS and MIN have seen a nice uptick in Targets per Snap. Passing catching RBs, TE and WRs might be a better deal from these improving teams for your fantasy team. 

Fantasy Players get locked into ideas and patterns from the early season (Confirmation Bias) as well as last week (Point Chasing Recency Bias). 

**”Confirmation bias also called confirmatory bias or myside bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.” ** Wikipedia Confirmation Bias

Look closely at all the critical team depth charts with all this data and keep your early season Bias in mind to be ready to change and move onward!

This material is required metrics for your bye week replacements coming up! This data is required metrics for your bye week replacements coming up!  What team needs your investments from drop/add pool?

Note the Bottom Teams? ( PIT, ARI, NYG, CLE, LAC, and PHI) What is happening there?




Team Targets per Snaps Averages for Weeks 1 to 7 and Usage of Positions.

Most FF players focus on the WR but the real differences come out in the RB and TEs usages by teams.

These tables give you the Targets per Snap Team Landscape to see the usages within each team.













Weekly Targets per Snaps By Positions

Running Backs

PIT, CAR, NO, ARI, SF, and NYJ are the top RB users. The Deeper RB Players on those teams depth charts can have value vs the Bottom teams of PHI, CIN, SEA, DEN, MIA, TEN and TB.  WHY are these teams at the bottom?


Tight Ends

The top teams are KC, TEN, MIN, DAL, IND, PHI, and NE! Be thoughtful for bye week replacements. Its a tough year for TEs so far! This data can help you out!


Wide Receivers 

The best teams for WRs by targets per snap are MIA, DET, GB, TB, PIT, ARI and HOU

Interesting names at the bottom. BUF, BAL, KC, CHI, and JAX jump out to me as bottom teams as some of their WRs highly drafted have underperformed!



Players Targets Per Snap By Week and Avg! 

My numbers allow judgments across teams and positions in trades, adds, drops or lineups! Not if a player has one snap and is the targeted they will earn a perfect score of 1. See Taiwan Jones! You must downplay such extreme data as the sample size is too small.

The data need context! You must think about what data I present!

Running Backs






Tight Ends





Wide Receivers









Team Positions and Players Targets Per Snap With 8 Week Averages

Team context is the final view needed for your decision! What is the position of the player you are considering? What is their recent role and usage?





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