Week 6 PPR Fantasy Football Rankings

Devonta Freeman

Week 6 is here and it’s time for my weekly PPR fantasy football rankings. Did I just type that correctly, it is already week 6. Can you believe it? We spend months talking about and waiting for the NFL season every year. We get so excited when it finally arrives. Then you blink and it’s already week 6! So much has happened. Our opinions of some players have been solidified, while our opinions of others have been crushed. The twitter hype-or-hate train is in full force depending on what voices you listen to about just about any player. So what is a fantasy player supposed to do? By now you know which voices you trust, so continue to listen, read, and trust them. You should also be developing your own opinions of players; TRUST YOUR GUT! It’s time to make informed decisions based on the landscape of the NFL. You must react to these changes, but don’t overreact. With that bit of advice, let’s jump right into my week 6 PPR rankings!

Week 6 PPR Fantasy Rankings


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Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Matthew Stafford @ NO: I don’t think NO defense is as bad as it has been in the past. It’s not exactly a cakewalk like it used to be, but Stafford is still going to throw the ball about 3 million times in this game. I love the volume and that’s what I tend to chase in fantasy football.


Jameis Winston @ ARI: Arizona’s defense is pretty tough on QBs. They are only 6th in points allowed. So why am I rolling with Wintson at number 6? With Doug Martin back and everyone healthy on this team, Winston should see plenty of redzone attempts which gives him a slight edge over a few of these QBs.


Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus

Deshaun Watson vs CLE: consensus #4 and I should be higher on him. He’s playing a CLE defense that has been the fourth most generous defense for fantasy QBs this season. It’s not that I think he will fail but I just don’t see CLE putting up much of a fight so I’m not sure how much Watson pours on the points if they control the game from start to finish.


Cam Newton vs PHI: It’s a short week and he’s going to play a team that has been playing well. I still think he’s a QB1, I just can’t put him higher knowing that team could struggle.


Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Devonta Freeman vs MIA: He’s coming off a bye week so he’s rested and ready to go. MIA has been awful this year. If their offense can’t get it together, ATL will get in control and then let Freeman (and Colemen) run all day.


Carlos Hyde @ WASH: I get it. He was basically benched last week for Breida. SF is a total mess right now. They are playing against WASH who doesn’t have a terrible run defense. Plus it’s easy to see how WASH could jump out ahead of SF and all but eliminate Hyde from the game. I can’t take him out of the top 10 because he is the best offensive player on that team. If he’s not injured, then I’m playing him.


PPR Cluster (Duke Johnson, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, & Jerick McKinnon): These are game-script choices for me. Every single one of these RBs will be playing in a game where I see their team either playing catchup (CLE & MIN) or needing to keep passing/moving the ball to stay in the game (CAR & NO). These four RBs have shown just how valuable they are over the last five weeks and as long as their teams are going to continue to pass the ball to them, they are going to keep putting up points. Start them with confidence unless you have feature back studs ahead of them!


Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus:

LeVeon Bell @ KC: I hate beating a dead horse. Everyone already knows how awful PIT is on the road. They are playing one of, if not the, hottest teams in the NFL right now. Bell will put up points but I’m just not confident he’s going to look like the amazing feature back we’ve all come to know and love.



Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Mike Evans @ ARI: I know he’s playing against Patrick Peterson and the AZ defense. He’s still a stud and Winston is going to throw him plenty of passes this week. I don’t think ARI will be able to hold him down the entire game.


Golden Tate @ NO: While NO defense isn’t as bad as it has been, it’s still giving up 21.8 fpts per game to WRs. I like those numbers when you are talking about DET and it’s high volume passing offense.


Jarvis Landry @ ATL: Miami’s offense is so bad. Jay Cutler is not the savior (although I find it hard to believe that anyone actually believed that). They still have to throw the ball and Jarvis Landry is still catching more passes than anyone else. Since I believe they will be losing this game but a large amount, I also believe they will be throwing the ball to Landry a lot.


Pierre Garcon @ WASH: He’s not scoring TDs but he’s catching plenty of passes and racking up the yards for you. When the bye weeks hit, players like this become extremely valuable.


Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus:

Antonio Brown vs MIN: I’m “lower” but let’s be honest, he’s still a stud and you’re starting him no matter who else you have on your roster. Kansas City’s secondary is the real deal and I just think they will keep Brown from going bananas.



I promise I didn’t copy rankings from fantasypros. The thing is TE gets like this every year. It’s often the most unpredictable position but it’s also easier to rank them because you are ranking based on opportunity. The top 5-6 will be the top 5-6 almost every week unless they are hurt or on a bye week. The rest of them you might as well put their names in a hat and draw them out because it’s just hard to know how it will shake out from week-to-week.


I will mention one TE I’ve been high on all year – George Kittle. I loved this kid coming out of college and he’s getting opportunity! He should be owned in every format now but know that he’s still just a rookie. There will be ups and downs but I love what the future could bring with his game.


That’s a wrap for week 6! Thanks for hanging in there and I hope you keep coming back. Don’t forget to hit me up on twitter @FantasyPastor!


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