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Facebook/ Kilee Wells Sanders

Facebook/ Kilee Wells Sanders

On the night of September 21st, I sat next to Quinton while we ran two meetings for that evening.  My day job is a Program Coordinator of my local Parks and Recreation adult sports league and Quinton was my team lead over the flag football, soccer, and basketball leagues.  On this night we were conducting our manager’s meeting for our soccer and flag football leagues.  In between the meetings, Quinton told me he was going to attend the Route 91 Festival with his girlfriend.  Me being a fellow country music fan was envious of Quinton getting these tickets.  I asked how he afforded those and he stated “my girlfriend and her friend were supposed to go, but they got into a fight so now I get to go in her [friend’s] place!”  Talk about good luck over probably a small fight!

Quinton Robbins was one of the 58 victims on October 1st shooting.

My wife and I had just turned out the lights when we received a call from my wife’s sister that the shooting was occurring.  My wife and I stayed up until past 3:00am, watching the news in horror and working our phones checking on our friends and reaching out to our police contacts to get updates on what was happening.  At 12:19am, remembering Quinton was attending the festival, I called Quinton to no answer and texted him, “Give me an update, hope you’re okay man”.  One of Quinton’s friends and another one of my staff confirmed with me that Quinton was indeed struck and that we are all awaiting updates.  I got no sleep that night and received the horrible news around 6:30am.  I never received that call or text back.

I went to work that day, being there for my fellow staff members, ignoring my emotional state until I got home and broke down in heaps of tears.  Asking why this happened, how could somebody do this, why Quinton?  Unfortunately there are no good answers to tragedies like this.

Quinton was a fixture in our local sports community in Henderson, NV which is just outside of Las Vegas, close enough to where you can see the Strip from any house. Like many of us, Quinton grew up playing sports from youth, through high school, through his young adult life.  But not only did he just play sports, he gave back to our community by coaching tee ball, youth flag football for his younger brother, Quade, but he also coached basketball at the high school he graduated from, Basic High School.  On top of that, Quinton supported our Parks and Recreational leagues by officiating youth sports games, prepped and chalked baseball fields for games, and was the lead contact for the flag football, basketball, and soccer games.  Quinton also managed teams in our basketball and flag football leagues, winning the championship in both leagues during the summer season.  He recently entered a slow-pitch softball team, composed of majority of recreation staff in our men’s league. The team was the talk of our section, with all the team members getting custom shirts, decals, and keychains of their team name, Green Sauce. The team was months in the making, but Quinton was only able to play 2 games before his death.  Last week, Green Sauce still played, despite it being only 2 days after Quinton’s death and won both games with Quinton’s jersey hanging in the dugout.

Quinton was a role model for all of us to follow, his passion for sports was only a fraction of who he was, but where he reached out to most of us in the Las Vegas Valley.  There’s not a moment where I’m not thinking about Quinton and I’m still thinking he will show up to work still as a giant prank to all of us, but in the 10 days since he has been gone, it’s gotten a little easier.  We talk about the good times and funny moments now. We cry of laughter and not of sadness. He may not be here anymore, but we will never forget.  Rest in peace Q.  We miss you buddy.




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