DRAFT Week 5 Preview

The DRAFT week 5 preview is here! Basically in light of our recent partnership with this awesome DFS site I’ll be writing a weekly preview each week highlighting my favorite plays at each position. Now since DRAFT uses a snake draft format without any salary considerations, I’m really just giving you rankings adjusted for the site’s scoring system.


Your starting lineup on DRAFT is QB, RB, RB, WR/TE, WR/TE with varying league sizes. Aside from H2H matchups, 3 and 6 person drafts seem to be the most common so with regard to my rankings I’ll be giving you guys 6 QBs, 12 RBs, 12 WRs and 6 TEs each week.

That said, I’m certainly not married to this format so if you have any suggestions on how to make it better don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or on twitter (@D_bro1389).

Off we go!


1. Aaron Rodgers

  • In a week with Brees, Ryan and Cousins on bye, Rodgers is miles ahead of the competition on this slate.

2. Dak Prescott

  • Highest over/under on the board and he played well against them in 2 games last year.

3. Russell Wilson

  • His history vs. the Rams on the road is highly concerning, but he has the talent to end that streak at any point.

4. Deshaun Watson

  • Although not an ideal matchup, Watson’s rushing floor gives him a major advantage at the position.

5. Matthew Stafford

  • Also in a tough spot this week, but at least volume is on his side.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

  • He doesn’t look great and the Jags pass defense is legit…still it’s the Steelers at home.


1. Le’Veon Bell

  • Jacksonville has the worst rush defense in the league and Bell saw 39 touches last week.

2. Ezekiel Elliott

  • Already has 16 receptions this year after only 32 all of last season.

3. Todd Gurley

  • He’s averaging 149 yards per game right now…

4. Kareem Hunt

  • I can’t imagine a game script where’s he’s not heavily involved.

5. LeSean McCoy

  • Where else can the Bills go with the ball?

6. Leonard Fournette

  • He’s the entire offense right now and hopefully the Jags defense keeps it close for long enough.

7. Carlos Hyde

  • Getting close to 20 touches a game and I like this game to hit the over.

8. Jay Ajayi

  • Assuming the knee is fine it’s hard to imagine him struggling for a 3rd straight week in a good matchup.

9. Melvin Gordon

  • Can’t be much lower given that he’s a 3 down back who gets goaline work.

10. Bilal Powell

  • Even without the 75 yard TD from last week he still went 20 for 88 on the ground.

11. Lamar Miller

  • Improved play from Watson should create  more running room.

12. DeMarco Murray

  • Titans will clearly be leaning on the run so let’s just hope Cassel isn’t a complete disaster.


1. Jordy Nelson

  • All he does is score Touchdowns

2. Antonio Brown

  • Ramsey is a problem, but Brown is seeing over 11 targets a game

3. A.J. Green

  • Has scored in both games since the coordinator change.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.

  • 28 targets over the last 2 weeks,

5. Dez Bryant

  • Went 9/132/2 against them in the playoffs last season.

6. DeAndre Hopkins

  • At least 7 catches in every game so far.

7. Stefon Diggs

  • Hopefully Bradford is back, but he’s put up 271 yards over the last 2 games with Keenum.

8. Keenan Allen

  • Playing in the slot should help him avoid Jenkins.

9. Doug Baldwin

  • Maybe I’m biased, but he’s too good to keep putting up mediocre numbers.

10. DeVante Parker

  • Terrific matchup and he’s averaging 9 targets and 76 yards a game.

11. T.Y. Hilton

  • Drastic home/road splits and the 49ers don’t have anyone who can stay with him.

12. Randall Cobb

  • If Adams is out he could see double digit targets.


1. Travis Kelce

  • Should be able to make some big plays over the middle.

2. Zach Ertz

  • Over 80 yards in 3 of 4 games this year.

3. Charles Clay

  • Catching over 70% of his targets and the Bills don’t have any WRs they like.

4. Jimmy Graham

  • It just feels like he’s due for a big game.

5. Evan Engram

  • He’s basically a WR and has 7 or more targets in each of the last 3 games.

6. Delanie Walker

  • Can’t imagine Cassel will have very much success throwing to the outside.

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