Asylum Fantasy Sports Show- Is CJ Anderson for Real?

Sit back and relax (or throw up; whichever you prefer), and let Fleeger and Briggs usher you into The Asylum! Week 2 is in the books and as always, the boys bring you analysis, stats and opinion for you to ponder all the while they are bringing you next week’s forecast.

While all that is happening, Fleeger discusses retiring on a yacht, which in turn Briggs wants to come along and bait his fishing hook, which spins out of control as they want to become pirates and make MIA Producer, Alejandro Finklestein walk the plank! We don’t know how they get to the places they do, but you have to listen!

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Covering all the injury news and headlines Fleeger and Briggs bring you up to date with the Week 2 takeaways. They also spend entirely too much time wondering who was lightning to Ron Dayne’s thunder, when we all know it was Tiki Barber.

Should NFL players care at all about the fans’ fantasy football team as Martellus Bennett has made clear he doesn’t? The boys examine this point with two different perspectives that should get a rise out listeners one way or another.

CBS did not invent “Fact or Fiction”!! The Asylum did and they (CBS) brazenly stole it. Fleeger and Briggs bring back the game that swept the radio waves years ago and play an informative version for your listening pleasure. Topics included are DeAndre Hopkins, CJ Anderson, Le’Veon Bell, and much more.

Game Balls and Stinky Socks are awarded each week the season plays and they are not to be missed. Fleeger has an immense 7 game lead on Briggs through two weeks of predictions, but Briggs vows to catch and obliterate his partner.

Finally, the mailman drops off your Week 3 questions and the boys get you ready to win! Get your questions in to the mailbag at and @asylumfootball on Twitter.

Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher.. Look for all new episodes of The Asylum each Thursday. Trade questions, lineup questions, starts and sits are part of each and every week of your visit into The Asylum. Fleeger and Briggs have you covered all year long! Don’t miss a thing folks!

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