DraftKings NFL: Week 3 Declarations

After two weeks of the DraftKings NFL season there are still many more questions that remain than answers. Mainly, how the hell did a Hulu show no one’s ever heard of clean house at the Emmy Awards? And how stupid is this timing technicality that deemed this past season of Game of Thrones ineligible until next September’s awards? I think that second question might have answered the first actually. I must say between her breakout performance as Peggy on “Mad Men” and the classic take-your-work-home obsessed detective in the “Top Of The Lake”, Elisabeth Moss is quickly becoming my favorite television actress. Her talent combined with her role choices is enough to give “The Handmaid’s Tale” a shot; especially considering the fact I devote time spent on earth to watching the atrocity that is Thursday Night Football. While Moss and her now hit show won the awards, I think Yvonne Strahovski might have won the red carpet.

As for football, we learned last week that Tom Brady and the Patriots aren’t dead after all, and Trevor Siemian actually might not be just a game manager. There is one question I’m afraid to ask, and probably even more afraid of the answer. Are the Detroit Lions actually good? You must understand, as a Lions fan my whole life my bias has morphed into some jaded psyche where I might not be able to comprehend them being good. It’s something crossed between being a child of trauma, and and a movie director being too close to the project to be able to objectively evaluate it. I certainly felt great joy watching rookie Jamal Agnew ice a road victory (Yes it was over with 13 minutes to go. Eli could’ve had an entire half left and he still wasn’t putting up two TDs.) on Monday Night Football with an 88 yard punt return for a touchdown, but it came with an unhealthy suspicion similar to how George Constanza is convinced that God will not allow him to be successful.

The most impressive part of these first two weeks hasn’t been the result, but the all important process of how the Lions have won. Consistently pressuring opposing quarterbacks, big plays from special teams, timely big plays on offense, limiting big mistakes, and capitalizing when opponents make them are fundamental characteristics of any successful team. When you’ve experienced limited success in anything, it can be difficult to keep faith and convince yourself you’ll reach your intended destination one day. When you’re the Detroit Lions? You may be better off trying to spot a fucking unicorn! While I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid just yet, a third consecutive strong performance this week against a battle tested Atlanta team would undoubtedly force me to believe in Santa, Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, Area 51, and now… Yes… The Detroit Lions. I didn’t even mention that I’m actually starting to think Stafford might turn out to be underpaid when it’s all said and done. Why’d I just say that? Gulp…

Is this that "being good" thing I've heard about?

Is this that “being good” thing I’ve heard about?

Week 2 Recap

Now that’s more like it! In last week’s write-up I served up a delicious Patriots spread coursed out with perfect complimentary dishes of Martavis Bryant, Davante Adams, and a most satisfying J.J. Nelson. I usually tweet out a picture of my actual results in case you want specifics, but if you’re not on twitter here was the gist of it…

So cute when they're young...

So cute when they’re young…

Lions Vs Falcons Roast Chicken Stacks

Just to prove this isn’t complete homer slappy nonsense I’ll cite the person who knows more about sports than anybody. Las Vegas projects this match-up to be the second highest scoring affair of the week, and with Atlanta already ruling out last season’s sacks league leader all-pro linebacker Vic Beasley it could be some good eat’n from Stafford and company. Similar to the Pats last week, I would not be afraid to play both Detroit running backs in any lineup. The Lions are determined to get Abdullah and the running game going with 32 carries for him in the first two games. There haven’t been many creases for the Nebraska product to exploit in the first two weeks, but he broke a nice 34 yarder in the second half of Monday nights win. This could be a potential breakout week for the third year pro against a vulnerable defense that could also be missing starting defensive end Courtney Upshaw come Sunday. Riddick has a solidified role in the passing game to give him a solid floor, and big play ability that offers sensible upside in a game where both teams should be able to move the ball. Hey, it worked out great for three Patriot running backs last week. This very affordable lineup that even includes a prime cut of red meat in Julio Jones will be among several variations that I will be putting an emphasis on including as many Lions and Falcons as I can. That does not exclude Taylor Gabriel, Tevin Coleman, or Marvin Jones.

Position Player Salary
QB Matthew Stafford  $        6,200
RB Ameer Abdullah  $        4,700
RB Theo Riddick  $        5,100
WR Julio Jones  $        9,300
WR Mohamed Sanu/Kenny Golladay  $        4,500/4,600
WR Golden Tate  $        6,900
TE Austin Hooper/Eric Ebron  $        3,800/3,300
FLEX Devonta Freeman  $        6,700
DST Titans  $        2,700

I hope Harvey Keitel is around when I exclude Dwayne Washington from all lineups and he vultures two goal line scores…

Projected Filet Lineup

This week’s medium rare special features two Steelers that are due for a breakout performance in the same week. Like Beast Mode last week, I target players who project to score eight to 10 touchdowns in a full season that are off pace for no real reason other than game flow, coincidence, Jesse James, etc… Barring injury these guys are gonna eat, and with zero scores between each other through two weeks I like both Bell and Brown to conduct wholesome celebrations in the end zone Sunday. I also included an irresistible juicy Alex Smith-Tyreek Hill connection who also failed to hookup last week–I think they miss each other. I continue to pick on the Seattle offensive line until they prove me wrong with a nice bargain in the Tennessee defense. Side note: If DeMarco Murray sits, I don’t think it’s a stretch that Derrick Henry is a top 5 running back this week.

Position Player Salary
QB Alex Smith  $        5,900
RB Ameer Abdullah  $        4,700
RB Le’Veon Bell  $        8,800
WR Antonio Brown  $        9,000
WR Mohamed Sanu  $        4,500
WR Marvin Jones  $        4,200
TE Eric Ebron  $        3,800
FLEX Tyreek Hill  $        6,600
DST Titans  $        2,700

Too Cute?

In DFS you have to be willing to swing and miss at times. The potential of hitting big on the not-so-obvious low usage player can be the biggest factor in propelling lineups to high place finishes. It’s not only what this contribution does for your lineup, but what it doesn’t do for everyone else’s that creates a massive opportunity to attain additional fun coupons. This week it’s New York Jet’s tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins at a $3,000 price tag. Reports have been extremely positive on the troubled former second round pick in the off-season and pre-season. Well…I guess that’s true until this week when Jet’s head coach Todd Bowles basically called him fat after returning from his two week suspension, and indicated ASJ could be in danger of being inactive Sunday. How dare he! Where is the outrage for this inappropriate public body shaming?! Someone must alert the Huffington Post immediately. We can’t allow this to continue! What will we tell the children?! Seriously though, do I fell great about this pick? No. Did anybody feel all warm and fuzzy about someone named Kenny Golladay two weeks ago? Didn’t think so. And that’s pretty much the point–neither does anybody else. My best selection like this was going all in on Sammie Coates in week five last season. To this day it remains in the top six to seven best decisions, and biggest accomplishments of my life. If ASJ is incative, I like fourth string Falcon and Lion wideouts Justin Hardy, and T.J. Jones here as well for the obvious aforementioned reasons.

You're never going to be like Mav if you don't take chances...

You’re never going to be like Mav if you don’t take chances…

Week Three Picks

Nice 4-1 bounce back last week to get to 4-6 through two weeks. Only miss last week was Dallas who was destroyed by Trevor Montana’s four touchdowns. Oh well… rather lose that way than sweat out a defeat.

  1. Steelers -7, I think now would be the appropriate time for the Bears and Cubs to switch mascots.
  2. Dallas -3, I’ll stand by my man. I like a bounce back performance from the Cowboys this week especially after all the nonsensical “Zeke’s a bad teammate” talk this week.
  3. Titans -2.5, This is more picking against Seattle than liking Tennessee. The offensive line issue is real. I’ll continue to go against them until they play one decent game.
  4. Texans +14, Seems like a lot of points to lay against a legit pass rush that has proven to cause TB12 problems in the past. And Deshaun Watson is already 1000 times better than the last seven Texan quarterbacks.
  5. Jets +6, After escaping last week’s season debut turnover free Cutty is due to have one taken back to the house, right?

Good Luck in Week 3! Don’t forget to comment, share, and follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock.

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