Between the Bankroll and Me: Fanduel Week 2

Well, that was an ugly week 1, huh? Between some injuries and just bad offensive play overall, the first week of real games was likely one most fantasy players would rather forget. Fortunately, if you read this article last week and faded the chalk (especially at running back), and fired up plays such as LeSean McCoy, Todd Gurley, Zach Ertz and the Rams defense you probably did well in cash games. Let’s see if we can keep the good times rolling for Fanduel Week 2.

As usual, I will be focusing solely on the main slate.

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Drew Brees ($8,700) vs. New England

The quarterback position as whole is a little tricky this week. Several cheaper passers have great matchups on paper, however those games also project to be blowouts which could leave us with some unfavorable game scripts. As a result, I may very well be spending a little more on my cash game signal caller than I might normally. Enter: Drew Brees. Vegas opened this game with a 53.5-point (it’s currently 55.5) over under and made the Saints a four-point dog at home, meaning Brees will likely have to keep pace with Tom Brady in a shootout. Sign me up.

Matt Ryan ($8,200) vs. Green Bay

Ryan is in a smilar situation to Brees, except he’s a home favorite. This game too has opened with a 53.5-point over/under, and against Aaron Rodgers in a rematch of last year’s NFC title game I like Ryan’s odds to pace his offense to a big performance. The $500 discount might tip the scales for me if I’m torn between him and Brees.

Alex Smith ($7,200) vs. Philadelphia

I know what you’re thinking. Captain Check down? Believe me, I’m a little skiddish even writing him up. But there’s no way you couldn’t have been impressed watching him last Thursday night against New England. He has all the weapons around him, and he’s still dirt cheap as far as quarterbacks we might consider for cash games go. If you want to go a cheaper rout, Smith could be your guy.

Also Consider: Philip Rivers ($7,000) vs Miami


Carson Palmer ($7,500) @ Indianapolis

I wrote up Palmer as a cash/tournament play last week, and boy am I glad I went another direction in cash games. The price is still perfect for cash, however, until he shows signs of life again, we simply can’t trust him. He burned so many people last week, so going back to the well in tournaments could be a very savvy move. The Cards are likely to be without their main weapon in David Johnson, meaning, weather they like it or not, they might have to lean on the arm of Palmer until he leads them back…or his arm falls off, whichever comes first.

Also Consider: Ben Roethlisberger ($8,000) vs. Minnesota

Running Back


Kareem Hunt ($7,800) vs. Philadelphia

As I survey the landscape this week, I just don’t see a need to spend up at running back; DJ is out, and Bell, Elliot and McCoy are facing some stout defenses. You could roll with Devonta Freeman at home, I suppose, but Hunt, for me, is where I start my considerations for cash games. The Eagles aren’t a cupcake matchup, but at this point we can’t ignore the talent, workload and most importantly the price of Hunt, who just might very well in a few weeks be priced in that upper echelon. At this price, there’s still upside to be had. No, he likely won’t repeat what he did last week against New England, but he could easily pay off this price tag – and then some. Keep riding the hot hand.

Leonard Fournette ($7,600) vs. Tennessee

Speaking of workload. Who in their right mind saw Jacksonville giving Fournette 30 touches in his first game, especially after a preseason where there was serious worries about his foot injury? The fact that the game last week against Houston got so out of hand so quickly led to some outstanding game script for Fournette, and he probably won’t be afforded such luxury against Tennessee, but it’s clear Jacksonville wants to keep the ball out of Blake Borltes’ hands as much as possible and they’re willing to lean on their rookie runner to do so. Tennessee got ran over last week by Marshawn Lynch (who I also like this week, by the way), and Jacksonville’s defense should keep things close in this one allowing Fournette to stay relevant.

Ty Montgomery ($6,500) @ Atlanta

I wrote up Montgomery last week as a cash game play against Seattle, and I feel even better about him against Atlanta this week. All questions were answered last week about how the Packers view Ty Mont, and that’s as a do-it-all lead running back. Green Bay is currently a three-point road dog against Atlanta this week, and ordinarily that would be enough to scare us off of most running backs for cash games, but it does absolutely nothing to scare me off of Monty given that he plays such a huge role in the passing game, too. And we all saw what the Chicago running backs did receiving the ball against Atlanta last week. Similar to Hunt, Montgomery is still underpriced and we should be able to exploit it.

Also Consider: Melvin Gordon ($7,600) vs. Miami, Jacquizz Rodgers ($6,600) vs. Chicago


CJ Anderson ($7,000) vs. Dallas

The Dallas/Denver game will probably go widely unnoticed this week, but I actually think the Broncos could be in a nice spot against a soft Dallas defense. CJ Anderson got 20 carries last week to go along with three targets, signaling that Denver still views him as their lead running back. Denver only has a 20-point implied team total for this one, but I think they blow past that and Anderson should be the main benefactor.

Also Consider: Le’Veon Bell ($9,000) vs. Minnesota, Christian McCaffrey ($6,600) vs. Buffalo

Wide Receiver


Julio Jones ($8,800) vs. Green Bay

Antonio Brown draws a tough matchup against the Vikings this week, so Jones is where I’m starting for cash game receivers. The Green Bay/Atlanta game is going to be a popular one to target with a 54-point over/under, and Atlanta has a massive 28.5 implied point total. I’ve already explained how much I like Matt Ryan this week, so either pairing him with his top target or rolling out Jones by himself makes a lot of sense. Either way, you’re probably going to want a piece of the Atlanta offense this week.

Tyreek Hill ($7,200) vs. Philadelphia

Hill was another player, similar to Ty Montgomery, surrounded with question marks about weather or not he can truly be a number one receiver. And, while he still may not fill the bill of a prototypical, big-bodied number one, he showed that he’s more than ready to be the focal point of a passing attack. He caught seven of the eight targets he was given by Alex Smith, and, although he wasn’t very fruitful with them, was still given two carries as well. The Eagles will now be without their best corner, Ronald Darby, for this game meaning Hill should be able to carve up a weak and inexperienced secondary. Hill is another player who’s price I feel we can exploit.

Note: I actually like several receivers in between Jones and Hill, including Mike Evans ($8,500) vs. Miami, Brandin Cooks ($7,900) @ New Orleans, and Doug Baldwin ($7,600) vs. San Francisco. You really can’t go wrong with almost anyone in that tier.

Cooper Kupp ($5,400) vs. Washington

Kupp and quarterback Jared Goff picked up right where they left off in the preseason, with Goff targeting Kupp a team-leading six times. I love Kupp this week because newly-acquired Sammy Watkins will have his hands full with star cornerback, Josh Norman, meaning Goff should be looking Kupp’s way most of the game. The Rams are a three-point favorite at home and have a 24.5 implied team total, which backs up Kupp as strong play (if not a lock) for my cash games.


Demaryius Thomas ($7,000) vs. Dallas

Okay, so, I’ve already highlighted CJ Anderson as someone I like in tournaments this week, and the same goes for Thomas. Vegas is taking a dump on this game, which should lead most people to ignore it, but I happen to think the Broncos go off in this spot. Thomas saw eight targets last week against a much better secondary in San Diego. If he sees the same volume here but manages to get in the end zone, he’s someone that could help you to distance yourself from the pack fairly quickly.

Tight End


Rob Gronkowski ($8,100) @ New Orleans

Ordinarily, I don’t spend up for Gronk in cash games because the price is too outrages and we can get comparable production further down the list. However, as I look down the list, spending up for him in a game where the Patriots should go nuts could be the move. Despite only catching two passes last week, he did see six targets, and those were with Eric Berry draped all over him for most of the game. He won’t see anyone close to Berry skill-wise this week against New Orleans. Outside of Zach Ertz (who we’ll get to next) and maybe Charles Clay, I’m not loving what I’m seeing with the tight ends this week.

Zach Ertz ($6,100) @ Philadelphia

Yup, back again for more this week. Ertz was a monster last week, and although he didn’t score he did haul in all eight of his targets for 93 yards. If he’s going to continue seeing this type of volume, he’s always going to be in consideration. The Eagles are yet again road underdogs this week, meaning they’ll likely be playing catch up in this one. Ordinarily fading tight ends against Kansas City is the preferred method, but with stud safety Eric Berry now out for the year, Ertz’s individual matchup becomes much easier. With the Chiefs’ strong pass rush, Carson Wentz will need to get the ball out quick and Ertz presents a great target over the middle of the field.


Jimmy Graham ($6,300) vs. San Francisco

Yes, I wrote up Graham as my GPP play last week, too, but I’m going back to the well again. He gets a great matchup at home against San Francisco, and the only thing keeping me from making him a cash game play is the fact that Seattle is such a huge favorite (14-point) in this one. The game could very well get out of reach early thus leaving us with some bad game script. However, conversely, Graham could be the reason the game gets out of hand, and I could look silly for not recommending him for cash. Can you see the dilemma? All of this, plus the fact that he struggled last week, make him more a GPP option for me.



Seattle ($5,400) vs. San Francisco

Similar to the tight end position, spending up at defense might be the move this week. Seattle, Oakland and Carolina (all above $5,000) are all huge home favorites, but Seattle gets the nod for me. For starters, this game has one of the lowest over/under’s on the slate at 42, and, like I already mentioned when discussing Graham, Seattle is a whopping 14-point favorite. I can understand not wanting to spend this much on a defense, and I do have a cheaper recommendation, but Seattle feels like easy money here.

Baltimore ($4,7000) vs. Cleveland

Looking strictly at the Vegas numbers, this is the defense you want for week 2. Baltimore is an eight-point favorite in the game with the lowest over/under (39) on the slate. Cleveland, albeit slowly, is an ascending team and I feel they have more talent on offense then they get credit for, which gives me some pause about automatically plugging in Baltimore this week, but none the less Cleveland is overmatched and should get handled in this one. When constructing your lineups this week you find the $700 discount between Baltimore and Seattle is just too large to ignore, it makes sense and you should feel comfortable going with the Ravens.


Pittsburgh ($4,700) vs. Minnesota

To me, Pittsburgh is in the absolute perfect spot as a GPP play this week. For starters, they’re priced the same as Baltimore, where many are sure to look first given they’re playing Cleveland. And second, many will look at Minnesota and automatically be turned off because of the display of offense they put on last Monday night. However, that was at home against New Orleans, this will be on the road against a much better all around defense in Pittsburgh. The Steelers pass rush should put enough pressure on Sam Bradford to create a few mistakes, and I don’t think they’ll afford him the same time the Saints did to attack downfield.

Also consider: Kansas City ($4,500) vs. Philadelphia


Wil Lutz ($4,700) vs. New England

As I explained last week, targeting kickers should be fairly easy for cash games. Generally we want to target kickers on home favorites in games with high over/under’s, while spending the least amount possible. Outside of being a home favorite, Lutz checks those boxes this week.







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