Week 2 Defense Streaming

From a defensive point of view week 1 a beauty to behold but unfortunately that has just made week 2 defense streaming decisions even harder. The trouble is that so many offenses were so bad that we don’t actually know very much about some defenses. Here are some of the big questions I have come out of week 1 with.

  • Are the Jaguars an elite defense or were the Texans just really bad?
  • Could the Packers be good or is it just the Seahawks early season issues again?
  • Are the Patriots bad or were the Chiefs just superb?


Those are just three of many questions facing owners this week as they make those all important decisions both for their offenses but also their defenses. For what it is worth I have tried to rank the offenses going forward for the next few weeks and it looks a bit like this:

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  • Patriots, Chiefs
  • Falcons, Cowboys, Packers, Raiders, Lions (@home), Saints (@home)
  • Buccaneers, Lions (Road), Saints (Road), Eagles, Titans
  • Vikings, Chargers, Redskins
  • Seahawks, Giants, Dolphins, Ravens, Broncos
  • Bengals, Cardinals, Rams, Jaguars
  • Panthers, Bears, Bills, Browns
  • 49ers, Jets, Colts, Texans

Start for this week

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Houston Texans (Yahoo ownership: 24%)

The last thing the Texans need after their disaster showing on Sunday is a short week. On the bright side it looks like Watson is now the QB because at least the offence looked competent under him. The Bengals issues are almost entirely on their offensive side after the defense did a solid job keeping a Ravens offence from running riot every time their offence gave the ball away. Thursday night is always a good bet for starting defenses.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals (99%)

Two of the ugliest offenses from Sunday going head to head screams defensive classic on Thursday. The Texans defense wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t great Sunday but the optimistic element here is that the Bengals don’t have a running back of the quality of Fournette in their back field. I don’t expect Dalton and the offense to be that bad again but the last thing Dalton will want after a tough week is to look into the eyes of JJ Watt. Now I’ve picked both defenses its destined to be an offensive explosion but would anyone be shocked if we see less than 30 points combined in this game?

Oakland Raiders vs. New York Jets (35%)

The Raiders defense has been the weak point in recent history however, they are playing the Jets and a McCown brother so start away this week.



Start for a couple of weeks

Arizona Cardinals @ Indianapolis Colts, vs. Dallas Cowboys, vs. San Francisco 49ers (96%)

The Cowboys are maybe the fly in this ointment for starting the Cardinals for the next few weeks but either side they have what figure to be the two worst offense in the NFL in the early part of the season. I actually think Brissett will be good for the Colts but this season may still be a little early for him to cause the Cardinals any stress. The Cowboys didn’t look like an amazing offense against the Giants and this D has more than enough ability to keep their playmakers in check. The 49ers are going to be meh pretty much all season and are a group I will regularly stream defenses against.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers, @ Tennessee Titans, vs. Indianapolis Colts (99%)

Another team with the 49ers and Colts sandwiching a tough match-up make for a very startable group. The Titans are good but this Seahawks defense made Aaron Rodger struggle for periods so I feel confident they can do the same to Marcus Mariota.

Dallas Cowboys @ Denver Broncos, vs. Arizona Cardinals, vs. Los Angeles Rams (11%)

This is an interesting one because I really don’t rate the Broncos offense with any of the QBs on their roster under centre. They only got 24 points this week because of the Chargers mistakes and the Cowboys aren’t likely to hand out as many freebies. The Cardinals are a mess on offense with an aging Palmer and Johnson out. The Rams still need to show me stuff but I’ll happily drop the Cowboys in two weeks if the Rams are looking legit.

Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns, @ Jacksonville Jaguars, vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (49%)

The ravens D looked really good this week and whilst the Browns and Jaguars looked competent on offense I still need some convincing. I think the Ravens this week are a good bet with the potential to be an option going forward. The Steelers didn’t look great and their games always feel like defensive slugfests. Again I’m more than happy to ride this D through weeks 2 and 3 and look somewhere else for week 4.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens, @ Indianapolis Colts, vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1%)

None of these offenses looked good Sunday and the Browns D looked competent restricting the Steelers. I might avoid this week against the Ravens and pick up for the Colts and Bengals.

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars, vs. Seattle Seahawks, @ Houston Texans (11%)

The Seahawks and Texans actively looked bad this week and the Jaguars are still the Jaguars and could combust at any moment. This is the one I am least sure on starting right through the next three weeks but again I like the idea of keeping them on the watch list for week 4 if I’m riding those Ravens or Cowboys the next couple of weeks

Packers Clinton-Dix

Yahoo! Sports


Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons (39%)

The Falcons are still a good offense and can put up points. Are the Packers good or were the Seahawks just really poor on offense? I think we find that out this week but what I do feel safe in is that Matt Ryan likely won’t implode a la Carson Palmer, Scott Tolzien or Tom Savage from week 1. I think there are weaker offenses to target this week but I can see why you might keep the Packers for the gamble they are good. If you can afford the bench spot this maybe a team to stash there for week 2.

New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions (63%)

This is a tough one because the Lions looked ropey to begin before Stafford went complete monster to end the game leaving this looking a scary matchup for the Giants. The Lions also have somewhat of a reputation for not being as good on the road as they are at home. Unless I can stash the Giants D on my bench I am going to stick with them because I think they are good and I don’t want to drop them at this stage.

Either the New England Patriots (96%) or New Orleans Saints (1%)

This has high scoring shoot out written all over it (cue the 10-7 game) so don’t touch either of these. I don’t consider the Patriots completely droppable at this stage but if there are good options out there I am certainly not against it.

Beware upcoming schedule

Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers, @ Detroit Lions (47%)

The Packers are good enough to overcome this home opening and all the noise that will come with it and playing the Lions in Detroit is always one I think should be avoided if I can. The Falcons didn’t even look that good against the Bears and that is enough concern for me to drop them pretty much everywhere for now.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins, vs. Kansas City Chiefs, vs. Philadelphia Eagles (9%)

The Chiefs and Eagles both looked good this week and we don’t know what to make of the Dolphins as we haven’t seen them. I don’t think I am dropping right now but if they have a rough game against the Dolphins then I might be looking elsewhere before they face a Chiefs offense which humiliated the Patriots in Foxborough.

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