Snaps Per Minute Week 1 2017

By John Bush

Snaps Per Minute Week 1 2017

Snaps Per Minute Week 1 2017 looks at Players like running backs, wide receivers and tight ends in a team’s lineup for a majority of snaps are the players in line to produce statistically weekly in fantasy football. The Snaps per Minute of Possession report will help you identify the early leaders for such production.

It’s easier for players to score more when given the opportunity. In week 16, the top running backs by snaps were L Miller and T. Montgomery each with at 2.15 and 1.89 Snaps per Minute of Possession respectively.

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Gronk,  Kelsce, and Witten were the top 3 tight ends with a busy 2.62, 2.22 and 2.16 Snaps per Minute of Possession respectively.  These tight ends will be used well this season.

Finally, the top wide receivers were L. Fitzgerald, Hopkins, and Hogan (Surprise) with 2.78,  2.64, and 2.45 Snaps per Minute of Possession respectively.

Conversely, the weekly ‘Snap Report’ can identify when players fall out of favor or when game flow or player movement occurs due to injuries. It’s useful to compare the weekly snap leaders to rushing attempt leaders and target leaders to get a feel for how a player is used for fantasy football purposes.

In the tables below, Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers position snap numbers are presented. Green coloring of the Snaps Per Minute numbers denotes the players at the top of the position of the weekly snap count while red coloring of the weekly snap numbers denotes the players at the bottom of the position snap count.

Players Snaps per Minute and Their Snap Ratio to Team Total Snaps Per Minute.



Running Backs

Snaps Per Minute Slide2Snaps Per Minute Slide3Snaps Per Minute Slide4

Tight Ends

Snaps Per Minute Slide5Snaps Per Minute Slide6Snaps Per Minute Slide7

Wide Receivers 

Snaps Per Minute Slide8Snaps Per Minute Slide9Slide10

Team Positional Usages using Positional Snaps per Minute Averages

The following tables are an early look at how the teams used the various positions. A simple landscape of each team allows a focus of what teams are over-using TEs vs RBs or WRs etc. This can give you insight into future player value and injury replacement potentials.

If I player is injured in general how important is this to the team usages?

Snaps Per Minute Slide1










Player vs Team Landscapes of Usages as measured by Snaps per Minute! 

Color coded view of each team’s positional players and their Snaps per Minute. Easily compare the Teams RBs or WRs. Spot the surprises. Wavier Wire fodder and information for dropping and adding players.



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