Week 18 two start pitchers

Corey Kluber

The week 18 two start pitchers are pretty much as bad as it gets with potentially only one or two aces and very limited usable options. Max Scherzer and Corey Kluber are head and shoulders the best option but with his Scherzer’s injury the likeliness is they will find a way to only use him once this week and that further depletes a pretty poor set of options. Previously we have seen close to 20 12 team options and this week we barely have 20 14 team options. If you need to win this week then I hope you have some great one start options ready to go.

PlayerDate 1Vs 1Date 2Vs 2
Max Scherzer WAS (08/08) vs. MIA (08/13) vs. SF 
Corey Kluber CLE (08/08) vs. COL (08/13) @ TB 
Dallas Keuchel HOU (08/08) @ CHW (08/13) @ TEX 
Carlos Martinez STL (08/07) @ KC (08/12) vs. ATL 
Gio Gonzalez WAS (08/07) vs. MIA (08/12) vs. SF 
Michael Wacha STL(08/08) @ KC (08/13) vs. ATL 
Jake Arrieta CHC(08/07) @ SF (08/13) @ ARI 
Jason Vargas KC (08/07) vs. STL (08/12) @ CHW 
Ervin Santana MIN (08/07) vs. MIL (08/12) @ DET 
Trevor Cahill KC(08/08) vs. STL (08/13) @ CHW 
J.A. Happ TOR (08/08) vs. NYY (08/13) vs. PIT 
Zack Godley ARI(08/08) vs. LAD (08/13) vs. CHC 
Brent Suter MIL (08/07) @ MIN (08/12) vs. CIN 
Ariel Miranda SEA(08/08) @ OAK (08/13) vs. LAA 
Chad Kuhl PIT(08/08) vs. DET (08/13) @ TOR 
JC Ramirez LAA (08/07) vs. BAL (08/12) @ SEA 
Matt Garza MIL (08/08) @ MIN (08/13) vs. CIN 
Dylan Bundy BAL (08/07) @ LAA (08/13) @ OAK 
Chris Flexen NYM (08/08) vs. TEX (08/13) @ PHI 
Matthew Boyd DET(08/08) @ PIT (08/13) vs. MIN 
Adalberto Mejia MIN (08/08) vs. MIL (08/13) @ DET 
Jhoulys Chacin SD (08/07) @ CIN (08/12) @ LAD 
Jordan Zimmermann DET (08/07) @ PIT (08/12) vs. MIN 
Austin Pruitt TB (08/08) vs. BOS (08/13) vs. CLE 
Sal Romano CIN(08/08) vs. SD (08/13) @ MIL 
Derek Holland CHW (08/08) vs. HOU (08/13) vs. KC 
Luis Perdomo SD (08/08) @ CIN (08/13) @ LAD 
Jake Thompson PHI (08/08) @ ATL (08/13) vs. NYM 
Trevor Williams PIT(08/07) vs. DET (08/12) @ TOR 
Parker Bridwell LAA(08/08) vs. BAL (08/13) @ SEA 
Daniel Gossett OAK (08/08) vs. SEA (08/13) vs. BAL 
Chris O'Grady MIA (08/07) @ WAS (08/12) vs. COL 
Vance Worley MIA (08/08) @ WAS (08/13) vs. COL 
Matt Moore SF (08/07) vs. CHC (08/13) @ WAS 


  • As mentioned above Scherzer is unlikely to be a two start pitcher but as of right now he is scheduled to be. The match-ups are such that I might even consider using his replacement regardless of who it is in 12 team leagues.
  • Tough call between Corey Kluber and Scherzer but I have gone for the more talented pitcher even though chances are he won’t pitch twice,
  • Whilst I think Dallas Keuchel he will be fine in Chicago against their re-build line-up he could be in for a rough day in Texas. If you own him you have to start him in this barren week.
  • The only reason Carlos Martinez didn’t slide abut Keuchel is I think he has fractionally harder match-ups but there isn’t much in it.
  • Gio Gonzalez has been so good this season and with this schedule could make him come out of the week as the #1.
  • Michael Wacha has been fairly impressive but he will have to survive the hot Royals.
  • I have no qualms about Jake Arrieta in San Fran but in Arizona I have a few concerns. Even so I am still using him this week in 12 team leagues
  • Jason Vargas and Ervin Santana have been really good at times this season and both have the chances to take advantage of some poor line-ups.
  • Trevor Cahill has also been impressive and could victimise these line-ups. My last must start in 12 team leagues.
  • JA Happ has it tough in his first start but the Yankees can be hit or miss and then he gets the pretty awful Pirates. Even so he is still JA Happ and therefore he sits on the maybe pile in 12 team leagues.
  • Zack Godley has been impressive this year but at home these are two extremely frightening match-ups which stop him being must start.
  • I like the match-ups for Brent Suter and I am willing to gamble.
  • Match-ups don’t get much better than Ariel Miranda’s this week. The last must start 12 team option this week.
  • Chad Kuhl hasn’t been great but neither have the two offences he is facing this week.
  • Ideally you don’t want to face Baltimore but JC Ramirez at least faces them in LA to limit the damage. He then gets to travel to Seattle and the combination makes him 14 team usable.
  • Matt Garza and Dylan Bundy have been fairly bad but they should be usable in 14 team formats with these match-ups.
  • Chris Flexen didn’t have a great first but if I really need something I might take the risk. He is the very last guys I might gamble on in 14 team leagues.
  • In 15/16 team leagues Austin Pruitt is probably my limit.
  • The remaining guys are AL or NL-only options.

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