The second installment of my IDP Dynasty tiers is the defensive linemen (DT’s and DE’s).  I have them split amongst nine different tiers that all value from studs to relevant DL1’s and DL2’s to deep league guys.  I have two separate tiers for the rookies and they’re self explanatory, in one tier I list those who I believe have DL1 potential and the other tier is for those who I believe will hit DL2 value.

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  • AMERIKAZ NIGHTMARE:  the game changers here, they’ll more than likely cost you the most if you’re trying to acquire via trade and with good reason.  They alone can win you a week in fantasy, and without a doubt I’d want one of them to roll out every week.   Yes, Watt’s back is a concern but he’s one of the few where he’s worth the risk because the reward trumps the risk.  Sure, losing Donald in DT leagues sucks but you can easily find a replacement and you gain an elite DE – win/win in my opinion so quit complaining. 
  • STILL SHININ’: the best of the rest that I’d have no problem having them as my DL1 every week.  Lot of consistency here and one riser who had a breakout last season (Clark) and have no doubt he can maintain production and become even better.  Ideally, you’d want to target one of these guys in start-ups if you miss out on the other four – that way you’d go into your weekly match-ups with a bit more confidence after you hit “submit lineup”.  

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  • QUIET STORMthe under the radar guys, sleepers and breakouts.  Many here are not talked about enough but will be a helluva surprise in 2017.  Although the Falcons may rotate their DT, Grady’s Super Bowl performance was no joke, he is that good.  Many of these guys you can acquire for a bag of chips or even pick up on waivers – now they’re all league dependent at the same time; if you’re in a shallow league that only has like 30 roster spots then you wouldn’t stash most of them.  My favorites amongst this unit is Shaq Lawson, Trey Flowers, Jacquies Smith, Chris Jones, Eddie Goldman, Noah Spence, Maliek Collins and Mario Edwards.  I believe these guys will return DL2 value on a weekly basis for you guys.  
  • WIN OR LOSE:  this unit are you DL2’s that you’ll bring to battle with on a weekly basis, there’s a few players listed that are fringe DL1’s but would feel more comfortable rolling em out as my DL2 (if possible).  The fringe DL1 players would be Calais Campbell, Melvin Ingram, Brandon Graham, Muhammad Wilkerson and DeForest Buckner.  Snacks, Suh, McCoy, Short and Dareus are near the top of the DT class and don’t be surprised when Dareus puts up numbers again.  Overall, I’m buying all these guys and don’t sleep on Hicks or Tuitt.  
  • GOT IT TWISTED:  The rest of the bunch that has DL3 value and you’ll start more than a handful of times – sometimes even weekly depending on league size.  Plentiful high floors here to be had and a bunch of oozing upside; especially if guys like Kikaha and Lawrence bounce back in a big way.  Sheldon Richardson’s value will increase when he gets traded, he’s a good stash and wait type.  Look out for Hughes, Addison and Ayers – all can be had for pennies.  

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  • SUNRISE:  the sunrise rookies are those who I believe have the DL1 upside and some may hit it sooner than later but well worth owning any of them.  Rivers and Harris are the two to keep your eye on the most, both names will pick up steam during training camp and then you’re going to wish you had em.  
  • SUNSET:  the sunset rookies are those who I believe will have DL2 upside, a handful could find their way into the top 25 sooner than later.  McDowell may create a lot of chaos that’ll elevate him into the upper half of DT rankings, Jonathan Allen may just pile up tackles in Washington.  Trey Hendrickson could have a Chris Long type IDP profile, not that bad (in his earlier years).  

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  • SHOOK ONES:  pretty self-explanatory but these are guys who you can pass on, you’re not going to lose any sleep.  
  • DEEP BLUE SEA:  big roster worthy guys, some DT’s listed here are worth consideration in DT required leagues as your DT2 for spot starts, like Jernigan, Liuget, Reed and Brantley.  Bullard may have a breakout season which would put him with the Quiet Storm guys.  A bunch of players here have some DL3 value to them and they’d be targets for depth purposes.  



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