Oh, The Players You Will Buy! A Seussian List of Dynasty Trade Targets

Oh, the Players You Will Buy!

The NFL Draft is over, rookie hype is at a peak.
But if you like to zag, you may find the value that you seek.
Oh, when it comes to Dynasty football, this time is simply best.
For seeking out undervalued veterans, to purchase with some zest.

While your leaguemates trade for draft picks, you can step aside.
Spend your capital on veterans – who may be the better buys.
So with no more ado, please read this list below.
Made up of several players whose value stands to grow.

Count 26 in total – each one included is a vet.
You’ll find one recommended for the entire alphabet.
Oh the players you will find here, present value at their cost.
And who knows? If you’re very lucky, they’ll be the next Randy Moss.

Source: Sacramento Bee

Source: Sacramento Bee

A is for Aldrick Robinson – a Shanahan favorite, to be sure.
With the 49ers weakened passing game, perhaps he is the cure?

B is for Kenny Britt as underrated as they come.
Can he replace Terrell Pryor? He’s definitely no bum.

C is for Isaiah Crowell, the biggest winner of the draft.
The Browns O-Line took a step up, improving on their staff.

D is for Kenneth Dixon, his suspension cuts his price.
Don’t worry about Woodhead or West – through this depth chart he will slice.

E is for Eric Ebron, whose breakout is nearly here.
Let the others wait for OJ, who may take at least a year.

F is for Devin Funchessstill just 22 in age.
The Panthers O is on the rise, Kelvin Benjamin he will upstage.

G is for Mike Gillisleean efficient runningback.
At those New England goal line carries, well, yes, I’ll take a crack!

H is for Brian Hoyerwhose demise is overstated.
Matched up with Kyle Shanahan, let’s agree: he’s underrated!

I is for Mark Ingram – at a price no longer rich.
For I do not like A. Peterson, nor his usage of the switch.

J is for Duke Johnson – yet another Cleveland back.
He’ll catch a billion passes, PPR points he will rack.

K is for Kamar Aiken – to Indy’s wide receivers he’ll be a threat.
I don’t worry much for Moncrief; Sayonara to Dorsett.

L is for Eddie Lacyand Lo Mein, a china food.
If he sticks to dieting, as a lead running back, he may be viewed.

M is for Donte Moncriefa favorite sleeper from the past.
If his owner is impatient, you may gain some value – fast.

J is for JJ Nelson – a speedster to his core.
He offers big play potential, just be cautious of his floor.

O is for Branden OliverMelvin Gordon’s understudy.
A cheap ticket to that offense, though situation may be muddy.

P is for Breshad Perriman, that first round pick we covet.
Elite size, speed & measurables; 200 targets free, what of it?

Q is for Brian Quickhe flashed once upon a time.
Kirk Cousins spreads the ball around, so why not? Is it a crime?

R is for Paul Richardsonlooked impressive in playoff games.
And with Tyler Lockett’s injury, he may never be the same.

S is for Erik Swoope, another basketball tight end.
Investing in Luck pass catchers? I believe that is a trend.

T is for Demaryius Thomas: this Bronco gets no love.
When considering his ADP, he will perform above.

U is for DariUs Jackson: is this a stretch? A bit?
But the metrics are redonkulous, you really must admit.

V is for Seth DeValve: hello Njoku, bye bye Gary.
Could 2 TEs be relevant?  Is it possible? I say very.

W is for Jonathan Williams: the backup to McCoy.
In this potent backfield, an opportunity – oh boy!

X is for ReX Burkhead, whose shine has really faded.
There’s upside in New England: don’t let that make you jaded.

Y is for TJ Yeldon, who took a backseat to Fournette.
But a third down role is possible, and youth, please don’t forget.

Z is for Zach Zenner: what other option could there be?
He shined a bit last season, cheapest of the Lions backfield three.

Source: Detroit Jock City

Source: Detroit Jock City

26 dynasty trade targets in full did we review.
I hope you found this interesting, I really, truly do.
Perhaps your trade proposals, will look much more divine.
If in sending them, you make into a rhyme.

“Dear Sir, It is my plan to offer you
A draft pick, numbered 3.02.
In return, I seek a player
Whose value shades just slightly greyer
I like his prospects, yes I do.
That player’s name? Leonte Caroo.”

“I do not like that offer, Dan
I do not want your Greg and Cam
Do not send me Panther trades
TEs and QBs? I have in spades
What you sent me is not close
It does not please me, I am morose
I will not counter with a proposal
To a trade offer from the garbage disposal
I will not reply. I will not sell.
Instead, I write back: LOL.”

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