Week 5 Two Start Pitchers

There is a wealth of depth among the options for week 5 two start pitchers. Following last week where the headline of Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg quickly turned to dust I am hoping that at least some of the top tier options make it to the mound twice this week! This week we probably have 15 of the top 25 pitchers taking the mound twice so it is unlikely you will be scraping the barrel in those two start leagues. Even in the 14 and 16 team leagues there are 35-40 startable two start guys this week. Now in leagues of that depth it is a double edged sword because with the top pitchers pitching twice it will leave the one start streaming options extremely thin on the ground.


Tune in each week to hear the team discuss the previous week and take a look forward at what we can hope to expect in the coming week. We will be discussing waiver wire, start sit along with all the major topics surrounding the world of fantasy baseball.

PlayerDate 1Vs 1Pitcher 1Date 2Vs 2Pitcher 2
Clayton Kershaw LAD (05/01) vs. SF Johnny Cueto (05/07) @ SD Trevor Cahill
Corey Kluber CLE(05/02) @ DET Justin Verlander(05/07) @ KC Nathan Karns 
Chris Sale BOS(05/02) vs. BAL TBA(05/07) @ MIN TBA
Noah Syndergaard NYM (05/02) @ ATL R.A. Dickey(05/07) vs. MIA Edinson Volquez
Jon Lester CHC (05/02) vs. PHI Jeremy Hellickson(05/07) vs. NYY Luis Severino 
Justin Verlander DET(05/02) vs. CLE Corey Kluber(05/07) @ OAK Sean Manaea 
Johnny Cueto SF (05/01) @ LAD Clayton Kershaw (05/07) @ CIN Rookie Davis 
Danny Duffy KC (05/01) vs. CHW Dylan Covey (05/06) vs. CLE Trevor Bauer 
Carlos Martinez STL (05/02) vs. MIL Wily Peralta (05/07) @ ATL R.A. Dickey
James Paxton SEA (05/02) vs. LAA Matt Shoemaker(05/07) vs. TEX Cole Hamels 
Julio Teheran ATL (05/01) vs. NYM Robert Gsellman (05/06) vs. STL Michael Wacha 
Cole Hamels TEX (05/02) @ HOU Mike Fiers(05/07) @ SEA James Paxton 
Gerrit Cole PIT (05/01) @ CIN Scott Feldman (05/06) vs. MIL Zach Davies 
Rick Porcello BOS (05/01) vs. BAL Dylan Bundy(05/06) @ MIN Hector Santiago 
Kyle Hendricks CHC (05/01) vs. PHI Vince Velasquez (05/06) vs. NYY Jordan Montgomery 
Dylan Bundy BAL(05/01) @ BOS Rick Porcello (05/06) vs. CHW Dylan Covey 
Lance McCullers HOU (05/01) vs. TEX Andrew Cashner (05/06) @ LAA JC Ramirez 
Jose Quintana CHW (05/02) @ KC Nathan Karns (05/07) @ BAL TBA
Tanner Roark WAS (05/02) vs. ARI Zack Godley (05/07) @ PHI Jeremy Hellickson
Sean Manaea OAK (05/02) @ MIN Hector Santiago (05/07) vs. DET Justin Verlander
Robert Gsellman NYM (05/01) @ ATL Julio Teheran (05/06) vs. MIA Wei-Yin Chen 
Luis Severino NYY (05/01) vs. TOR Marco Estrada (05/07) @ CHC Jon Lester 
Daniel Norris DET (05/01) vs. CLE Trevor Bauer (05/06) @ OAK Jesse Hahn 
Matt Shoemaker LAA(05/02) @ SEA James Paxton (05/07) vs. HOU Mike Fiers
Vince Velasquez PHI (05/01) @ CHC Kyle Hendricks (05/06) vs. WAS Joe Ross 
Nathan Karns KC (05/02) vs. CHW Jose Quintana (05/07) vs. CLE Corey Kluber
Edinson Volquez MIA(05/02) vs. TB Alex Cobb(05/07) @ NYM Noah Syndergaard 
Trevor Bauer CLE (05/01) @ DET Daniel Norris (05/06) @ KC Danny Duffy 
Andrew Cashner TEX (05/01) @ HOU Lance McCullers (05/06) @ SEA Chase De Jong 
Alex Cobb TB(05/02) @ MIA Edinson Volquez(05/07) vs. TOR Marco Estrada 
Erasmo Ramirez TB (05/01) @ MIA Wei-Yin Chen (05/06) vs. TOR Francisco Liriano 
Marco Estrada TOR (05/01) @ NYY Luis Severino (05/07) @ TB Alex Cobb
Wei-Yin Chen MIA (05/01) vs. TB Erasmo Ramirez (05/06) @ NYM Robert Gsellman 
Tyler Glasnow PIT(05/02) @ CIN Rookie Davis (05/07) vs. MIL Wily Peralta 
Wily Peralta MIL (05/02) @ STL Carlos Martinez (05/07) @ PIT Tyler Glasnow
Zach Davies MIL (05/01) @ STL TBA(05/06) @ PIT Gerrit Cole 
Tyler Chatwood COL (05/02) @ SD Trevor Cahill(05/07) vs. ARI Zack Godley 
Hector Santiago MIN (05/02) vs. OAK Sean Manaea (05/06) vs. BOS Rick Porcello 
Scott Feldman CIN (05/01) vs. PIT Gerrit Cole (05/06) vs. SF Ty Blach 
R.A. Dickey ATL(05/02) vs. NYM Noah Syndergaard (05/07) vs. STL Carlos Martinez 
Mike Fiers HOU(05/02) vs. TEX Cole Hamels (05/07) @ LAA Matt Shoemaker
Trevor Cahill SD(05/02) vs. COL Tyler Chatwood (05/07) vs. LAD Clayton Kershaw 
Jeremy Hellickson PHI(05/02) @ CHC Jon Lester (05/07) vs. WAS Tanner Roark 
Rookie Davis CIN (05/02) vs. PIT Tyler Glasnow(05/07) vs. SF Johnny Cueto 
Dylan Covey CHW (05/01) @ KC Danny Duffy (05/06) @ BAL Dylan Bundy
Zack Godley ARI (05/02) @ WAS Tanner Roark (05/07) @ COL Tyler Chatwood 


  • The top 7 of Clayton Kershaw, Corey Kluber, Chris Sale, Noah Syndergaard, Jon Lester, Justin Verlander and Johnny Cueto are matchup proof and will be top 5-10 two start options pretty much any time they are pitching twice.
  • I’ve bumped Danny Duffy up to 8 because I think the matchup with the White Sox should be really good and the Indians matchup has the potential to yield solid results as well.
  • If Carlos Martinez isn’t a top 10 two start option this week then I have serious concerns. These are two good matchups but with his inconsistencies I fear one of these teams could make him pay.
  • With Yoenis Cespedes looking out for the Mets and the Cardinals struggling to be anything it’s a sign of just how good the two start options are this week that Julio Teheran is outside of the top 10. This could be a really good week for him.
  • Cole Hamels lack of strikeouts has me a little worried against two teams where the offence can make you pay if you pitch to contact.
  • With Boston off to a slow start and a matchup with the White Sox Dylan Bundy is a really high option for me this week.
  • I like both of Tanner Roark’s matchups this week and whilst I don’t think he has the upside of some guys around him I prefer the matchups.
  • Sean Manaea has some injury concerns so this is a guy to watch but I think both starts have the potential to be solid outings.
  • Robert Gsellman and Luis Severino was the pair I agonised over the most on these rankings. I went with Gsellman because his matchups are slightly easier. Severino does get to face the awful Blue Jays but that start in Chicago is one where he could be hit hard.
  • Daniel Norris has two decent matchups and I think he can be solid in both and possibly win one of them.
  • Matt Shoemaker has two tough matchups and both teams can do damage. I just don’t trust him in general but I would use him this week in 12 team leagues.
  • I wanted to knock Vince Velasquez down even further given that these are two really rough matchups. However, he has got upside and the guys below aren’t significantly better/don’t have significantly better matchups in order to warrant me doing it. He is right on the borderline of startable in 12 teamers for me and I might just sit him to be safe.
  • Nate Karns is the last 12 team startable guy and honestly it all revolves around the White Sox start where I don’t feel like they will do damage to him.
  • I don’t really trust Tyler Glasnow and both of the teams he is facing can do real damage with the bats. However, they are oth winnable matchups so in 14 team leagues he is the final guy I am rolling with.
  • I like the matchups for Wily Peralta and Zach Davies but I don’t really trust either. The Cardinals and Pirates have both struggled this year so if you want to use them in 14 team leagues I can make a case for it.
  • I would use everyone down to Mike Fiers for definite in 16 team leagues. Beyond that it is really 10+ AL/NL only options. Jeremy Hellickson has two terrible matchups and Rookie Davis, Dylan Cvoey and Zack Godley are never guys I want to trust.

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