Chicago Bears Draft Day Prospect Analysis


Draft Day is finally upon us, Chicago Bears fans. There is a wide variety of opinions on who the Bears should take at number 3 in the first round of the draft today. So here, I take a good look at many of the players I hear either rumored to the Bears, or some of the fan favorites to be selected by the Bears, and try to provide a draft day prospect analysis, and find their potential fit with the team.


Myles Garrett: There’s a rumor that the Browns and 49ers could both select Quarterbacks at 1 and 2 to ensure they both get “their guy” at that position. If that’s the case, the Bears should sprint up to the podium with Garrett’s name on the card. Garrett is an athletic freak with pass rush potential that is through the roof. He is a plug and play edge rusher for any scheme. If this situation does come to fruition, and the Bears do want to trade down, they could get a package similar to what it would take to move up to number one. (Multiple first round picks, and a couple middle round picks this year). That could be used to rebuild this team quickly. With so many holes on the roster, it could be an option.

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Solomon Thomas: Thomas is a good fit for the Bears. The value is there with him being an edge rusher. He has the ability to play opposite of Leonard Floyd for the next 5+ years and be an excellent compliment to his pass rush style. Thomas is a big enough body to be able to slide inside on pass rush downs to create a heavy pass rush set. Thomas gives flexibility, and he’ll let Fangio be creative with his play-calls and packages.

Jamal Adams: The value for a safety at number 3 overall just isn’t there. He would instantly become one of the highest paid safeties in the game. But with that said, if there were a player or two worthy of taking that kind of chance on it would be Jamal Adams. Adams is not just a typical in-the-box safety. He can play as the deep man, be the box hitter near the line, even throw in a little nickel corner if he’s asked. He’s just so well-rounded, and is a piece the Bears defense can build an identity around. That’s something the Bears currently lack. Adams is also a leader, someone the defense can rally around. I foresee him becoming a team captain a very short time into his professional career.

Malik Hooker: Hooker is that classic ballhawk centerfielder that the Bears could put in the back of their defense for the next 10 years. He’s a true playmaker, with 7 interceptions this past season and 3 of them returned for touchdowns. He creates turnovers and turns those turnovers into scores without the help of the offense. A special talent, he’ll fit right into what the Bears want to do on defense. Again, he’s a safety, and he’d be the highest safety drafted since 1991. The value isn’t really there. Also, he has injury concerns. He had surgery right after the season to fix a sports hernia and a hip flexor issue. The Bears and Ryan Pace might be wary of taking another player with injury concerns after Kevin White missed his entire first year and most of his second with various injuries. Hooker would be a great fit. If he’s healthy he would transform a defense. But there are serious questions about him that might steer the Bears away.

Marshon Lattimore: Lattimore is considered by many to be the top corner in the draft. He’s physically gifted and could instantly step in to be the Bears number 1 corner, tasked with shutting down the opponent’s number 1 receiver. However, Lattimore has had struggles with a hamstring issue throughout this past season. Soft tissue injuries tend to linger. With Alshon Jeffery having as many soft tissue injury issues throughout his tenure with the Bears before he left, and Ryan Pace’s first 1st round draft pick Kevin White dealing with various injuries, I feel like the Bears will shy away from another injury risk.

Mitchell Trubisky: Trubinsky was only a 1-year starter at North Carolina, and I feel like his lack of starting experience will increase the time it’ll take for him to acclimate to the speed of the NFL. He has good arm talent and is a very mobile quarterback. He also makes good decisions on the football field (30-6 TD:INT ratio this past year), and shows good enough accuracy (posted a 68% completion percentage). His size is adequate for the position, and I feel like he could develop into a really good NFL QB if he’s put in a position to be successful, and he’s given the opportunity. He would be a good fit on the Bears with Mike Glennon taking the pressure off of any rookie to have to come in and start right away.

Deshaun Watson: Watson was a two-year starter at Clemson. With really good mobility, he’s able to make plays with both his arm and his legs. He has played some of his best football in some of the biggest situations, with his games against Alabama as some of his most impressive, including this past 2016 National Championship game, where he took over and led his team to National Title. I feel like he could come in and immediately compete with Glennon for the starting job. He’s a winner, and the Bears need someone like that in Chicago.


Deshone Kizer: Kizer is a two-year starter at Notre Dame. He comes with a strong arm and really good mobility. He can make plays from the pocket and on the move. He does have some accuracy and ball placement concerns. I feel like teaching accuracy is one of the hardest things to do at quarterback. His physical skills should translate well to the NFL and he has the potential to become a great QB in this league.

Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes has the most potential of any QB in this class. He has had comparisons to the kind of prospect Brett Favre was coming out of Southern Mississippi. His incredibly strong arm, ability to make throws on the run, his creativity in the pocket, and his gunslinger mentality give me a lot of hope for him as a prospect. Mechanically he could still use some work. He needs to work on his footwork as well as work on some of his throwing motion concerns before he should become a starter. I feel like he would be able to come in and learn while Mike Glennon plays until Mahomes is ready to take over for good.

Jonathan Allen: Allen is still a top 5 prospect on my board, even after his shoulder arthritis concerns. Here’s my thing with Allen for the Bears: how much of an impact is he going to have immediately? With the Bears playing a ‘Nickel’ package (2 down lineman, 4 linebackers, 5 defensive backs) around 60-65% of the time, Allen seems to me like he would be the odd man out in those nickel situations. A front of Floyd-Hicks-Goldson-McPhee seems like the most likely to me. So I don’t know if the Bears would spend their #3 pick on a guy only playing at most 40% of the snaps.

Reuben Foster: At first glance, it may seem like the Bears don’t need an inside linebacker. They already have Danny Trevathan, Jerrell Freeman, and Nick Kwiatkoski on the roster, so I get the argument. Danny Trevathan is coming off of a patellar tendon injury, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be the same player when he comes back. Freeman is going to be 31 years old at the start of the season, and he’ll only be signed through 2018 (only $500k of dead cap if he gets cut). Kwiatkosi is a good piece, but he’s nothing like the talent that Foster would bring to the table. Foster could step right in and be that Patrick Willis type linebacker that Fangio would love to have back.


O.J. Howard: Number 3 overall might seem high for a Tight End, but Howard is an offensive weapon. Not only is he an incredibly gifted receiver, but he is probably one of the top blocking tight ends in the draft as well. While his stats might not seem that great, I feel that’s because Lane Kiffin never really knew how to use him properly. One thing that also stood out to me is that he’s also one of the few players to come out of Alabama without injury concerns. Tight End is a huge need for the Bears and Howard would fit right in.


Ryan Ramczyk: I had to throw in a Left Tackle for those that want the Bears to take one at 3. Ramczyk is my top left tackle available. He should be a candidate to step in and play immediately for the Bears, but he’s no sure thing. He’ll be good. But if you’re picking at number 3, you need a player that will be an instant impact  for your team. Ramczyk doesn’t provide that value for the Bears.

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