2017 IDP Linebacker Strength of Schedule

In case you weren’t around; the NFL has released the schedule for the 2017-2018 Season.  For fantasy purposes we’re keyed in to bye weeks and we see the offensive side strength of schedule – so with some data research and thanks to FFToday.com as well for helping me with majority of this project; I went ahead and did a strength of schedule for the IDP world. I have them separated by the three main positions (LB, DL and DB).

Per the usual, green highlights are favorable match-ups and red highlights are unfavorable match-ups.  I will paste both conferences and they’re sorted by divisions; that could help you on which direction to lean when you’re targeting depth.  Take this chart with a grain of salt though, we know the league changes year after year but don’t be this guy where he’s going to sit Luke Kuechly because CAR is facing DET in favor of Jake Ryan as GBP is facing DAL that week.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.10.56 PM

NFC Linebacker Strength of Schedule

Now, to help you understand a little here

Green: as a unit they’ve given up an average anywhere between 25-30 points per game to opponents LB unit and that’s pretty solid where you’d be able to start at least 2 LB’s from the same team and come out ok (but you’d also have to pick the right 2 from the 3-4 LB’s a team rolls out).  

The Rams came in at the highest by giving up 30 points per game; the Colts & Browns gave up 28.  

The Browns gave up the most sacks to Linebackers last season with (25).  

The Ravens were giving everybody solo tackles as they gave up the most (271) on the season while the Patriots were also generous but in the assisted tackle stat where they were the highest at (195) compared to (235) solo.

Neutralthese squads don’t have a highlighted color, they remain a decent match-up though as these teams gave up an average of 23-24 points per game to opposing Linebacker units.  May help you find a sneaky starter if you’re looking for a LB3/4 with slight upside/floor.  

Red:  Now, we don’t have to avoid them completely but it’ll definitely get your attention.  This is how I’d take the red match-ups where if I owned both Kwon & Lavonte and they where going up against the Dolphins; I’ll shoot my shot with Kwon because of the potential impact he’ll have on the game in the middle.  Or in some other scenario and you own 2 LB’s from the same team, more times than not you’re starting the more superior talent/LB that week.  But, if you’re scouting the waivers for a flex play or bye week filler this chart can help you look for a more favorable matchup – especially if injuries hit.  

These teams have given up anywhere between 19-22 points per game; so that’s where we’d have to shoot our shot with pretty much 1 LB.  

You may not want to start your LB’s against the Cardinals and Packers as they’ve only allowed 19 points per game.  Some other things to keep in mind that PIT has given up the least amount of sacks to linebackers (3.5) and 2 of them came in week 17.  

The Bears didn’t bother lending a helping hand as they have given up the least amount of assists (64!) and the Seahawks gave up (177) solos; Cardinals gave up (179) – so unless you got an elite LB, might want to look elsewhere if your LB’s play the Seahawks or Cardinals or any of the RED teams. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.00.07 PM

AFC Linebacker Strength of Schedule

a quick glimpse at the AFC chart, looks like you’ll be in great hands if you’re a Jatavis Brown owner, a lot of green for him! In fact it looks like you’ll be in good shape targeting a few AFC West Linebackers; in big play leagues Von and Houston are definite targets and with Mack potentially moving back to LB – like I said; no worries.

Since linebackers are the foundation, the strength for our IDP squads I wanted to get them done first and see what 2017 will bring.  Don’t get too discouraged from the red; again that’ll just be a reminder that week on whether or not you want to start the 2nd or 3rd LB from said team or you going to shoot your shot with a 2nd LB from another team that has a favorable match-up and/or filling in for an injured player.

The Defensive Line is up next; followed by the Defensive Backs – have some fun.





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