Chris Guide to 2017 Offseason – Part 2

Chris Guide to 2017 Offseason – Part 2

In this article, I will continue with the little hints for what you can do to pass the NFL offseason. If you are a sole NFL fantasy player, there are a lot of things you can do between now and your draft day. The NFL doesn’t truly end just because no games is played. In the era of advance technology and information, you can really have excellent educated guesses how your draft will be by the time you hear that “you’re on the clock!” voice.

NFL Free Agency

As of this writing, the NFL Free Agency is exactly 30 days away. This is a sign of the new NFL league year, and also probably coincide with opening their 2017 leagues. Free agency can change a team dramatically. For example, new game plans, new schemes, projected workload/snaps, etc. This is the time when you want to find out who will most likely have a new home, who will stay home, who gets an extension, and who will hold out due to contract dispute. All of these moves have cascading effect on not only the player themselves, but affect their teammates as well.

It’s only February…

One of the most common mistakes I see in fellow dynasty owners is trying too hard to have a complete team in the offseason. How many times have you tried to trade away a draft pick for a RB or WR, because your team doesn’t have a starter. Or that you would give up your stud player to fill that starting QB spot and grab a few players from the lower tier players? This is one way to hurt your team in a hurry. I think this is the best time to actually acquire great players or better draft picks, even if it means not having a starter for February through July. I get that people want to feel like their team is complete, but what you’ll find out soon enough is that your starter that you try to so dearly hang on to will limit your ability to make moves.

The offseason is the best time to package several good player for a great one, or upgrade your picks. As new information flows in, you’re at a better position to maneuver around when you have a desirable asset (hint: picks in the offseason never lose value, they only increase)

Fantasy Football is about human relationship

What’s often forgotten in fantasy football, is that it’s not only about numbers and probabilities. Fantasy sports is about dealing with people. If you want to be all numbers driven Daily Fantasy Sports is for you. As much as you like to think your league is driving by ADP, marketshares, or combine metrics, its a game with a group of 10 or 12 or 32 individuals. In essence, it’s built on human relationship. The players value in your specific league are driven by biases and information that influences an owner’s way of valuing a player. If you try to hammer numbers onto other owners as to why he should give you Julio Jones for your Hunter Henry (exaggeration but you get the idea!), it’s little wonder why people are saying you’re overplaying your hand.

Take some time to get to know your league mates. Learn about what they look for in a prototypical player, and find the compromise. Or you can be a jerk about it (much like a certain person whose name rhymes with MotoWonderFurl) and just turn people off with your stats.


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