Fantasy Football – Autopsy of a Work League

I wish you a Happy New Year my dear readers. I hope the holidays were full of fun and some new memories. In my typical violent segue fashion, I will now conduct a brief autopsy of a work league. I recommend you pick apart your fantasy football leagues also and see where you can improve. If nothing else, you can avoid making the same mistake repeatedly.

I want to mention something I haven’t really had space for in previous columns. I am a scientist. I work with numbers and technical details all the time. Converting to fantasy sports, I do believe in the power of projections and #analysis. However, in terms of writing, I am not really a numbers guy. I like to think about the game slightly differently and so far have enjoyed writing very much. Hopefully, my work is enjoyable to read.


This is my Foam Life fantasy football work league which I started a few years ago. It has been a fun and moderately competitive league. Work leagues are often known for being softer than an average league. I had made the playoffs each of the previous years. For 2016, this was my last draft on the calendar. I pulled draft spot number eight in this 12 person league. This is actually where I really like to draft, in between dead center and the end. Here were my picks by round, many are cringe-worthy:

  1. DeAndre Hopkins
  2. Dez Bryant
  3. Demaryius Thomas
  4. Jamaal Charles
  5. Jeremy Langford
  6. Arian Foster
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Marvin Jones
  9. Vincent Jackson
  10. Corey Coleman
  11. Ryan Tannehill
  12. RAMS Defense
  13. Shaun Draughn
  14. Mason Crosby

I honestly loved my draft at the time, but who doesn’t? Hindsight is 20/20, and the draft is tough to look at now. I even remember feeling during the draft I don’t if I will share this one. Not many expected my 4th -6th round picks to be basically useless. I did snag Howard from the free agent pool so that helped ease the pain. DeAndre and Dez underperforming was tough to overcome. This was true to a lesser extent with my #SFB480 team. I also went Nuk/Dez back to back there. Man I thought I was so damn smart.  Tom Brady was probably my best pick.  Coleman hurt me a lot and I should’ve dropped him sooner than I did. I doubt I will be drafting many injured players next year.


Bears Kevin White


I only made one trade. I traded Arian Foster for Kevin White. This was against the advice of most experts that I saw Rest of Season rankings from. I am bringing this up because I think it is important for casual players to have more faith in their own gut than in expert/aggregate rankings. I am not advocating total craziness, but it is your team. In this case, Kevin White promptly got injured and Foster retired, because it was 2016. The trade was not significant to the outcome of my season. I finished 6-7 and missed the playoffs by two wins. It was a fitting end to a very down fantasy football year for me.


Switch up your fantasy football draft strategies, depending on league scoring and roster format. I probably wouldn’t make the exact same two first picks in multiple leagues again, but who knows. Avoid drafting injured players, unless they are extremely good. Don’t be a slave to rankings or Average Draft position, take who you want – I did take who I wanted, but this is important. Don’t draft multiple old running backs, especially early.  Enjoy every sandwich. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Let’s crush it in 2017.

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