IDP All-22 Review: C.J. Mosley

I’ll be reviewing the all-22 coaches film and highlight a player whose performance wasn’t up to snuff and might have his owners scratching their heads. Were they in position to make plays? Were plays not flowing to their side? Well, hopefully, this review answers those questions.

I’ll look at C.J. Mosley of the Baltimore Ravens. Against the Buffalo Bills, Mosley notched just two tackles, one solo and an assisted. What was the cause of this?

On the first play of the game, Tyrod Taylor looked off Mosley, who dropped into coverage to cover Jim Dray. Taylor checked down to LeSean McCoy, who got swarmed by Zachary Orr and Eric Weddle.



On the second play of the game, the Bills threw another pass. Taylor, once again, did a good job of looking Mosley to the right (his left). Shareece Wright is playing near line of scrimmage, next to Terrell Suggs.


As you can see, Wright sniffed out the checkdown and made the play on Mike Gillisee.


Mosley was playing a lot of snaps right near the line of scrimmage as another rush linebacker up the middle.
In this next play, Mosley follows Taylor’s eyes once again, and thinks he knows where he’s going with the pass. Taylor looks him off and goes to the right for McCoy, where Orr and Wright were waiting for him.






If it’s any consolation, Mosley owners, he did just miss a sack. On this play, Timmy Jernigan was playing inside, and Mosley made nice move to get to the QB. When Taylor moved out of the pocket, Jernigan got to him.


Wright played near the LOS, almost as a third safety throughout the game, and also made eight of his 11 solo tackles stopping the run. Wright put himself into position to make tackles, and Mosley wasn’t part of the play. I look at Week 1 as just one of those games where plays didn’t flow his way and he was looked off of possible opportunities.

Mosley and the Ravens will be facing a QB who tends to stay in the pocket more and go through progressions, this week. McCown will only run if he has to. Even if Mosley has an average game against Cleveland, I would look at him as an opportunity to buy low on a productive linebacker.

I hope this helps put Mosley’s game into context.

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