NFL Draft: Get Er Done

When Regan reached out to me to write about the NFL Draft for FakePigskin, I had to really think if I wanted to take the time to write my thoughts down that I discuss daily with a few twitter buddies or not. In the end, I figured it would be fun to throw out my thoughts onto the old internet for all to see, mock, laugh at, and tweet nasty messages to me.  It will be humorous to see how many on the internet can get my personality which is more sarcasm than it is taking this serious.

Once I entered HS, I took to watching game tape and breaking down players and schemes. After a four year tour in the Navy, I started coaching at a high school and junior high which I did up until six years ago when I moved.  It has been more relaxing since I have stopped coaching and have gotten my feed of football from watching tape as we all do.

I will aim to bring you unbiased opinions and reports (never grew up as a diehard fan of any team) that won’t be done to fluff up the draft community and join the circle that is alive and well. I feel it is necessary for each of us to keep learning and that is done by challenging each other and learning from our mistakes.  It is difficult to watch the same people missing on players each year that have the same player profile as a player they missed a year before.  Is the goal of scouting the draft to correctly observe how a player will translate to the next level or is it just to scout how you would for Madden 2016 team?

As the college season approaches, I will be catching up on players across the country with a conference snap shot at the top draft eligible players. I look forward to future interactions from each of you to better enhance my ability and all in all this is for fun.


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