Fantasy Football: IDP: Lions rookies.

So, it’s not a secret to anybody that I’m an avid fantasy football(and other fantasy sports) player. I love playing in leagues where IDP’s are used. I just think it adds more spice to the fantasy game. My absolute favorite team, and has been for years, is the Detroit Lions. This piece will focus on Detroit’s IDP’s rookie players and will have a brief, typical, points system with it(i.e. 1 tackle = 1 point, 1 sack = 2 points, etc). So, sit back, relax, and hopefully this piece will help you when drafting any Detroit Lions rookies in your IDP leagues.

Remember, all point values are the ones I’ve typically used in IDP leagues, so the values may vary based on the commissioner of your league. ALWAYS double check those values.

Will the Lions have "One Pride" as they hope?

Will the Lions have “One Pride” as they hope?

I’ll start with rookie defensive tackle(DT) A’Shawn Robinson, taken in the 2nd round out of Alabama.

Robinson at the US Army All-American game

Robinson at the US Army All-American game

I’m not going to lie, I have high hopes for this young man. I expect him to start the season as the #3 DT on the Lions’ defensive line, but I strongly believe that he’ll claim one of the starting 2 spots on their depth chart by mid-season. Now, DT’s usually don’t get a ton of points/game(the average being around 3, depending on point values). In my leagues, tackles = 1 point, assisted tackles = 0.5 points, sacks = 2 points, and forced fumbles/fumble recoveries = 2 points. I don’t expect many sacks in Robinson’s rookie year, so I’m going to set the bar for him at 4 sacks on the season(so there’s 8 points). However, I DO expect him to rack up somewhere around 40 tackles(which is decent for a defensive lineman), and around 20 assisted tackles(so that would be 10 points off of assisted tackles). Robinson is a mountain of a man. He’s huge, strong, physical, and smart. The Lions got a steal in the 2nd round with Robinson, but for fantasy purposes, I’m projecting 58 points for him.

safety Miles Killebrew was drafted in round 4 out of Southern Utah

safety Miles Killebrew was drafted in round 4 out of Southern Utah

The Lions took safety(S) Miles Killebrew out of Southern Utah in round 4. Safety is a tricky position in IDP leagues. Most safeties are either ball hawks or tackle machines, few are a good combination of the two. Killebrew is a hitter. He’s going to need to be deployed closer to the line of scrimmage, which means he SHOULD get a bunch of tackles, especially on running backs and tight ends. So, I’m going to guess that Killebrew will get somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 tackles, 22 assisted tackles, 3 forced fumbles and 1 fumble recovery. All told, that’s 78 points for Killebrew this season, if he grows as a player and gets a good amount of snaps.


Antwione Williams, drafted in round 5, came out of Georgia Southern

Antwione Williams, drafted in round 5, came out of Georgia Southern

Detroit then grabbed linebacker Antwione Williams, out of Georgia Southern, in round 5. Williams, while not the sexiest name in the draft, was super productive in college, racking up a ton of tackles. If he can work his way into the starting spot, I think Williams can rack up around 70 tackles, 46 assisted tackles, and I’ll toss in one sack. So, IF he can grab a starter spot, I’m projecting 95 points. If he just stays on special teams, I’ll give him half of the tackles I projected, so that would be 35 points. However, as a starter, I think Williams could be a productive LB in the IDP’s.


DL Anthony Zettel(6th round pick) came out of Penn State

DL Anthony Zettel(6th round pick) came out of Penn State

In round six, the Lions drafted my favorite player in this year’s draft PSU DT Anthony Zettel. I loved watching Zettel play while in Happy Valley, and I firmly belive 2 things about him: 1. Zettel will swap out to defensive end(DE) as a run stuffing DE with the occasional pass rush, and 2. Zettel will play a ton of snaps as a starter, beating out incumbent Devin Taylor. I just have faith in Zettel. Yes, I believe he’ll start off slow as a rookie. There is no doubt that he will. However, with his work effort and motor, he’ll be a starter by season’s end. I’m going to project 4 sacks, 17 tackles, 10 assisted tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery, totaling 41 points for Zettel. Keep in mind, outside of a few studs like JJ Watt, DE IDP’s don’t typically get a ton of points in fantasy.

I hope this helps you in your draft if you’re looking to draft Detroit Lions rookie IDP’s in your IDP leagues.

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  1. Avatar

    Tom K

    May 17, 2016 at 6:54 am

    So Antwione Williams is going to start over at least two of Stephen Tulloch, Deandre Levy, Tahir Whitehead and Kyle Van Noy after being drafted in R5? And rack up 70 tackles [good for 23rd in the NFL as per MFL]? I love more people writing IDP stuff but this is pure fiction I’m afraid

    • Avatar


      May 17, 2016 at 4:33 pm

      Weird, I swear 3 times the author wrote “IF” he can earn a starting spot, but see what you wish and troll along…

    • Avatar

      MJ Stouffer

      May 18, 2016 at 8:29 am

      I totally understand where you’re coming from, Tom. I really do. But, I clearly said “if” he wins a starting spot. Tulloch is most likely gone, Levy is a starter IF he’s healthy, and Whitehead is inconsistent. Detroit signing Jon Bostic the day I wrote this throws a monkey wrench in the plans, as well. I don’t think Williams becomes a starter this year, these projections are just based on IF he wins a starting spot. However, you also get points for special teams tackles, and some guys are special teams dynamos. I think that’s where Williams plays, and shines, this year.

  2. Avatar

    Paul Batts

    June 26, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    MJ:Nice article and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us..I too,am a long time suffering Lion’s fan like yourself.I share your optimism on our guys so I appreciate you taking the time to share.I know that it’s not easy.

    Tom:I mean this in the nicest way possible and Im sure both MJ and Regan appreciate you taking your time in reading MJ’s article.There is alot of info out there,so for you to choose to take the time to read this article says alot.However,your comment seems to come from an uniformed perspective.It is well known that Tulloch is out of the picture,and I agree that Tahir and Levy have two of the spots locked down but in no way is that 3rd spot settled.Van Noy will get1st shot but has shown absolutely nothing in 2 years,despite his draft pedigree.Bostic and Bynes were brought in to compete..and have NFL experience but neither is a superstar and there is nothing after that.

    Do I think Williams will win the starting job?Probably not.But its far fromout of the question and the author stated that it was a longshot.What Williams does have is upside.There is a reason that this regime hand picked him in the 5th round when there were other glaring expect him to at least make the roster.Also..dont dismiss him just because he was a 5th rd you pointed out,Whitehead and Levy are pretty much entrenched as starters and were 5th and 3rd rd picks,respectively.

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