MLB DFS: Targets for 4/27

nationals Gio Gonzalez

Hitting and pitching matchups are interesting for tonight, and some MLB DFS targets were hard to find for a couple of positions.


  • Not included in this article is the 3.45 PM EST game between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants.
  • FanDuel scoring changes begin today with runs being 3.2 points, and RBIs now worth 3.5 points, up from three points for each category.


Gio Gonzalez (WAS vs. PHI)

Moneyline: -210

Over/Under: 7.5

FanDuel: $9,600/DraftKings: $9,600

Gonzalez is having a really good start to his season and had one of his better starts against the Phillies.  I like Gonzalez better in home games, and Nationals bats should be able to score runs against opposing pitcher, Jeremy Hellickson.

Jake Arrieta (CHC vs MIL)

Moneyline: -370

Over/Under: N.A.

FanDuel: $12,900/DraftKings: $13,800

Like the aces in the last couple of days, Arrieta looks like the obvious choice as far as rostering a safe pitcher goes.  He’s not priced as high as Kershaw on FanDuel, but he easily could be.  If you can make it work, a lineup with Arrieta is worth a try.

Sonny Gray (OAK @ DET)

Moneyline: -108

Over/Under: 8

FanDuel: $10,100/DraftKings: $9,800

Gray has been consistent this season but he’s hard to trust at times.  Opposing pitcher, Justin Verlander, hasn’t pitched well and the A’s offense can help get the win for Gray.

Jose Berrios (MIN vs. CLE)

Moneyline: -112

Over/Under: 8

FanDuel: N.A./DraftKings: $6,900

I’m writing up Berrios because he’s one of the top pitching prospects and there’s a notion that a pitcher’s first start in the majors is one of the better times to roster him.  I haven’t done research on this so I can’t say for sure if this is true.  Berrios isn’t available on FanDuel, but can be a target for two-pitcher leagues.

Other pitchers to consider: Matt Moore (TB vs. BAL), and Matt Harvey (NYM vs. CIN).


Matt Wieters (BAL @ TB)

FanDuel: $2,400/DraftKings: $2,700

Wieters is a cheaper target tonight for the home run against Matt Moore.  Wieters has better numbers hitting from the right side of the plate against southpaws and two home runs in 20 plate appearances against Moore.

Nick Hundley (COL vs. PIT)

FanDuel: $3,300/DraftKings: $3,700

It’s a Coors game and for the price, Hundley can be rostered more easily on FanDuel.  He’ll probably bat lower in the order but this is a favorable matchup for Hundley against Jonathan Niese.

Other catchers to consider: Stephen Vogt (OAK @ DET), and Yasmani Grandal (LAD vs. MIA).

David Ortiz

First base

David Ortiz (BOS vs. ATL)

FanDuel: $3,500/DraftKings: $4,600

Considering the new scoring adjustment on FanDuel, with John Jaso at Coors Field at $3,600, Ortiz looks like the better play with the 0.5 increase in points for each RBI versus 0.2 increase for runs.  RBI potential aside, the Red Sox are facing Bud Norris today, so a Red Sox stack will be popular today.

Paul Goldschmidt (ARI vs. STL)

The Diamondbacks are currently the favorite in this game against the Cardinals with a run total of nine.  Adam Wainwright has certainly not looked his best and if that continues, Goldschmidt has the potential of a big fantasy scoring day.

Other first basement to consider: Byung-ho Park (MIN vs. CLE), and Lucas Duda (NYM vs. CIN).

Second base

Neil Walker (NYM vs. CIN)

FanDuel: $3,700/DraftKings: $4,100

Switch-hitter, Neil Walker gets to bat against Jon Moscot today which appears to be a really good matchup.  His price on FanDuel has risen quite a bit.  In games dating back to April 15, 2016, Walker has had RBIs in games in which he hit home run.  In games where he doesn’t hit a home run, you’ll have to go back to April 8, 2016 and that’s something to keep in mind.

DJ LeMahieu (COL vs. PIT)

FanDuel: $3,400/DraftKings: $4,200

You might be able to sacrifice a lower spot in the batting order for a game at Coors Field if it is a high scoring game.  For the same reasons I like Hundley, LeMahieu is in a  good matchup.

Other second basemen to consider: Robinson Cano (SEA vs. HOU), and Brian Dozier (MIN vs. CLE).

Third base

Travis Shaw (BOS vs. ATL)

FanDuel: $2,800/DraftKings: $3,400

Shaw has been fire lately and has exceeded fantasy expectations.  Stacking Red Sox batters from the left side of the plate could be the way to go today against and Shaw is more than affordable for the offense that he’s able to produce.

Adrian Beltre (TEX vs. NYY)

FanDuel: $3,300/DraftKings: $4,600

CC Sabathia is not the pitcher he once was, and with Beltre being a consistent hitter, this matchup could make for a very nice fantasy day as the best right-handed bat in the linup.

Other third basemen to consider: Kris Bryant (CHC vs. MIL), and Josh Donaldson (TOR vs. CHW).


Eduardo Nunez (MIN vs. CLE)

FanDuel: $2,800/DraftKings: $3,400

Nunez has been a nice source of production and should be bating in the leadoff position.  He has been priced at just under $3,000 so it might be a little pricey to roster him but it could also be a way to create a little differentiation when constructing your lineup.

Troy Tulowitzki (TOR vs. CHW)

FanDuel: $3,900/DraftKings: $3,900

Tulowitzki has been hitting the ball better as of late and taking walks as well.  Jose Quintana is a good pitcher, but Rogers Centre is a good park to target against him.  The Blue Jays will load the lineup with right-handed bats and Tulowitzki could be in for a nice fantasy day.

Other shortstops to consider: Elvis Andrus (TEX vs. NYY), and Xander Bogaerts (BOS vs. ATL)

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)


Bryce Harper (WAS vs. PHI)

FanDuel: $5,700/DraftKings: $5,550

It seems like all Harper does is hit home runs, but for his price, it might be hard to fit him into your lineup with other higher priced players.  It’s a high price to pay if he doesn’t get you the upside you need and is more of a tournament play.

Ryan Raburn (COL vs. PIT)

FanDuel: $3,300/DraftKings: $4,000

Whenever Raburn is facing a left-handed pitcher, there isn’t much else to be said.  Slot him in.

Mookie Betts (BOS vs. ATL)

Another lefty against Norris and at a fair price, Betts feels pretty safe tonight as one of your outfield targets.

Other outfielders to consider: Jose Bautista (TOR vs. CHW), Giancarlo Stanton (MIA @ LAD), David Peralta (ARI vs. STL), Gregory Polanco (PIT @ COL), and Josh Reddick (OAK @ DET).

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your picks!


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